the BIG purse dump

Because I'm a certified creeper/someone who really loves looking into things people own (it's weird, whatever) I am joining Kendra at Catholic All Year for her linkup: the BIG purse dump

Onto the goodies of my (not so big) purse.

Here's what my purse looks like:

Clearance at Target (obviously), but sadly the clasp fell off on the front, so it doesn't shut anymore. I definitely expected to find the clasp in there somewhere, because I've been carrying it around for weeks, hoping I could find a way to reattach it, buuuut I guess it's gone. Oh well.

Onto the details:

1. Receipts: including Union Bank deposits, Victoria's Secret, Super Saver, Target, & Raising Cane's. The newest one? a month old. To the trash they all went.

2. Money Essentials: wallet, checkbook, two lone $1 bills, and two half-used gift cards. Look promising, don't they? Except there is only one Shell gas station in the entire city of Lincoln, so I've had that gas card for about 3 years, and the Starbucks card has about $4.00 on it. 

3. Photos: one of the funniest categories, and definitely things I was not expecting. From top left, clockwise: a photo of a boy I used to babysit, Venerable Solanus Casey 3rd class relic, a senior photo of my brother making a serious face, and a picture of David and me from soon after we started dating.

4. Business cards, etc: including an expired "coupon" for GAP Cardmembers, two appointment cards for my last and next prenatal visits at the doctor, a ticket stub for Gimme Shelter, and a business card and coupon for a haircut.

5. Keys: a relative given, although if I would have been guessing I would not have said they were in my purse but instead in our catch-all dish by the front door. I love my little heart-shaped keychain -- I bought it in Quebec on a business trip and it's been with me ever since. And my plastic keychain says "Seeking God in all things," which I added on for Lent last year and never took off. 

6. Uber-fashionable sunglasses: I get compliments on these all the time, even though I bought them for $3.98 at Target on clearance. I guess I just make them look that good? [Also if you look closely you can see my reflection in them. Whoops.]

7. Twin Peaks soundtrack: by far the strangest/most out of place thing in here. I borrowed it from my parents the other day because David and I are quickly working our way through the 2 seasons of the weirdest show I've ever seen. We're slightly obsessed with it, and the music is so...unique that I wanted to borrow the CD. Anyone else seen Twin Peaks??

8. Gum + matches: gum is understandable, but I'm not sure why I thought I needed to carry around a book of matches from our wedding (best wedding favors ever!) in my purse. I don't smoke...I'm not an arsonist...and I don't think I've ever thought "wow I really wish I had some matches right now" when I'm out and about.

9. Lip stuff: Mentha Lip Shine and a free Mary Kay lipstick from my Influenster VoxBox account. I'm an avid Burts Bees minty chapstick kinda girl, but I'm unsure of the location of 3 of my my purse doesn't have one right now.

10. 5 pens: I have really specific pen likes. The two on the far left are my all-time favorites, followed closely by the rest, including the BEST ballpoint pen (far right) from my favorite restaurant in Lincoln, Lazlo's.

11. Idea notebook: this is the place I keep all my "inspired" lists and longer lists that are bound to get lost if they're just on loose pieces of paper in my purse. The one I pictured is from my embroidery/quilting trip to Hobby Lobby at the beginning of the well as a random sticky note with my name signed on it? Not sure why/how that's in there, but whatever.

There you go! Now to the official categories:
  • It's my favorite thing in here: probably the old picture of David and me. I bought him a set of wallet prints for his car/wallet pretty soon after they were taken, but I always forget that I have one. It's a good memory.
  • Wow, I really have a lot of these: old receipts. Why do I bother keeping all of them for so long? It's useless because most of that stuff you can't return anyway (i.e. groceries), but I have this wired compulsion not to throw receipts away.
  • I've been looking for those: the old, mostly-empty gift cards. Usually they're inside my wallet, so I have no idea how they got out -- but now I'm going to have a party now I've found 'em!
  • Huh. THAT shouldn't be in there: really, the Twin Peaks soundtrack shouldn't be in my purse...but also matches. I have no need for matches in my purse. 
and for fun, my own category:
  • I definitely thought these would be in here: the clasp for my purse, at least a couple rosaries (I'm a little freaking out because where are they all if they're not in my purse???), bobby pins and hairties (what am I gonna do in an emergency hair tie situation?), feminine hygiene products (I mean, not necessary when pregnant but I always want to be prepared to help a friend out), Burts Bees chapstick (I need to find those other ones somewhere...), and more change (I have a total of about $0.12, mostly in pennies, which isn't helpful for plugging meters).
Thanks for the fun post idea Kendra! Go to her blog to see lots more purses & what's in them!

P.S. Still going strong on day 2 for Jen's 7 posts in 7 days challenge! I haven't failed yet!


  1. I love your extra category. I had no wipes, which is pretty scary for me. Your matches, pens, and sunglasses all look super cool.

    1. Thanks Kendra! I had so much fun doing this post so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Your extra category is good - I had a few things I expected, but didn't find.

    1. Haha I totally agree! I would have bet money that every one of the things in that category were in there, so I would have lost big time! :)

  3. I had a similar in the "definitely thought would be in there category". I tend to keep feminine hygiene products in by default through pregnancy and then after forget to continue carrying after the first bit. I'm beginning to play a game of chance if I don't fix that situation pronto! And I NEED to carry a notepad! My kids always fill it up, but I still need one in there!

    1. I think some of my old stuff would have been in there if I hadn't switched purses, but I'm definitely going to need to stock up in this one once the baby comes! And I love having my notebook in there because my pregnancy brain makes me forget EVERYTHING so it's been super helpful!

  4. I remember hearing about Twin Peaks, but I don't recall ever having seen it. And now I'm fighting the urge to google it! :P


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