7QT #6

Oh, Friday, how nice it is to see you again!

Being inspired by this awesome post over at Young House Love, I've been trying to muster up the courage and stamina to actually:
1. Get our wedding photos ordered, in a book, like an adult
2. Possibly do a year-by-year project like they do
3. Try not to panic in committing to something like that that I'm afraid will fall through on year 2

They used MyPublisher to create and buy their books, and I love the options I'm seeing on their website. Anyone have any experience using them? I've always used Snapfish to print my photos, because they have incredible deals, but I'm wary of their photo books, having heard some negative reviews from friends.

Thinking more and more about what life is going to be like on a day-to-day basis with a newborn in the house, I've decided that David and I need a couple higher-end electronics that we currently do not own, mainly a digital camera and an e-reader.

The camera is for both of us - we've been relying on our iPhones for photos since we've been married. Fine for a honeymoon, but I want like real pictures of the bebe. And okay, let's be honest, the e-reader is for me. I'm much more of a reader than he is, plus, I'll be the one up for late-night feedings that I've heard an e-reader is amaaazing for.

The problem is, how to choose? THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS.
Currently my picks are:

Canon EOS Rebel T3 
(on Amazon)


Kindle Fire HD 7"
(again on Amazon)

Any experience with either? Or other products that are infinitely better? I'd love to hear your input.

I finally bought curtain fabric for the baby's room! JoAnn's was having a 50% off Home Decor fabric, so I saved about $100 on 12 yards of this bad boy.

I'm thinking it's neutral enough that it'll work for either gender, and won't clash with our gray-green walls. Now to find a tutorial on how to actually sew them...urgh. 

We are getting closer and closer to being done with the baby's quilt. The top is all pieced together, minus the edging, and now all that's really left is to use my fancy new quilter's safety pins and start quilting! I don't have any update pics yet because I want to make a master post. Soon enough, children.

My family is talking about taking a family vacation towards the end of July, and David and I are trying to decide whether it's a great or a terrible idea to go with them when the baby's like 1-2 months old. Anyone have experience going on long, rather nature-y vacations with a baby?

If we do end up going, I'm hoping someone's generous enough to buy our Ergo carrier off our registry so I can tote the little one around without too much trouble.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are doing something to celebrate with the ones you love. If you like adorable stories, or are pregnant like me and are a sucker for emotional things in general, go check out the Google doodle for today.

Real life stories of love to inspire you on a day that can get bogged down in candy and hyper-consumerism. 

And now for a random assortment of my favorite TV-and-meme-inspired Valentine's, mostly courtesy of Tumblr:

Happy weekend, everyone!
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  1. Okay I have a Nook and it's nice because it's super basic (just text, no web access), my mom could use it so it's user friendly.

    The only down side is that it's created by Barnes and Noble so you can only purchase (or rent) books that B&N carries. Normally, not a big deal, until you have a hankering for some Catholic books or something out of the ordinary.


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