Bucket list {as of 2014}

I've been a bucket-list type of girl for as long as I can remember.

When I was a pre-teen, I started a list in my oh-so-secret diary. I gradually moved to a list on my cell phone (when I finally got one of those), and then a written out list on the back of my closet door. It's still hanging there at my parent's house, slowly shriveling with age.

I thought in this modern, digital age -- why don't I have one written down somewhere that I can access as long as the internet is a thing? So here it is: my (current) bucket list. 

1. Have a baby
It seems silly to put something I'm currently doing as the first item on my bucket list, but it's always been at the top of my bucket lists. I was (and still am) scared of the burden that is infertility, but thank God I have not had to deal with that yet. I can't imagine going through struggles with infertility or miscarriage, so I am incredibly thankful I've been blessed with this baby. So long as everything goes well for the rest of the pregnancy, check this one off the list!

2. Go to Rome
Ever since I was little, I've wanted to visit Rome and see the epicenter of the Catholic Church. Lots of my beautiful wonderful friends, including Caitlin, went to Rome over spring break during college, and everything they told me just increased my desire to go. Beautiful countryside, lots of wine, and the Pope? What more could you want?

3. See the Northern Lights {aka Aurora Borealis}
One of my favorite activities is stargazing -- David and I spent hours stargazing when we were dating. Pregnancy doesn't really avail itself to long periods of time on your back (besides the fact that it's freeeezing cold out) so we haven't in awhile, but that hasn't decreased my love of stars and sky things.

When it comes to star and sky things, what could I want more than seeing that right there? Supposedly you can see it really far north in Nebraska on a good night, but I wanna go to Canada and see it for real.

4. Watch a drive-in movie
There's this adorable little place in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska that shows drive-in movies. And I have always wanted to go there. David and I have at different points tried to plan going there, as a surprise for the other, but it never turned out. Someday, we are gonna make it there. I promise you, readers, we are going to.

5. Swim in every "ocean" in the world
I don't know how you really qualify this one, because lots of oceans run into each other, and I want to include things qualified as "Seas" (who decides these things?) and "Big Lakes" including the Mediterranean & all the Great Lakes, but I want to swim in as many different bodies of water as possible before I die. So far I've done the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, and Lake Erie. (Like I said..."oceans.") I've got a lot to go.

6. Publish a novel
Okay, I know it's a ridiculous dream, and lots of people that dream of writing a novel never get around to it. I've started a few, and even given the drafts to people to read, but never actually finished one. But someday -- some day -- I am going to write the Great American Novel. And I'm going to be marginally famous for it.

Eventually, I am going to cross each and every one of these off the list. Just you wait, internets. I'll make sure I blog about each one of them too so you don't feel left out.

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