7QT #8: better blogging

Let's be honest, I'm terrible at blogging. So this week I've rounded up 7 awesome blog posts from Jen's week of heroic writing that you should read. Here we go!

Baby Names Linkup 
at Team Whitaker

Because David and I haven't made any final decisions on baby names, I've been poring over these wonderful baby name stories all week. If you need some inspiration or just want to waste hours looking at lots of cute babies, go here immediately and waste yer dayz away.

Thoughts on Becoming a Working Mom
at Savor His Goodness

Although I know I'm not going to be a "full" working mom (I'll be working from home, 40 hours a week but at home), I appreciate reading anyone and everyone's opinions and advice for working with a baby. I'm nervous (duh, new mom) so if you've got any other links for me, you should let me know in the comments below.

Favorite Baby Gear: Heavy Lifters
at Camp Patton

Let's be honest, I can't make a list of favorite posts without including one of Grace's. She's my fave. This list is a great resource for new mamas like me. I'm so wishy washy about picking things out, especially big ticket items, so thank you for coming to my rescue Grace!!

Big Purse Dump
at Catholic All Year

I'm cheating a little bit because I participated in this link-up but if you're crazy like me, and love looking into peoples' lives, and therefore purses, check out this awesome linkup hosted by Kendra. Click through for all your purse-creepin' needs.

Does Being a Mom to a Bunch of Kids Make Me a Bad Friend?
at fountains of home

Christy kills it again in her posting (honestly, when doesn't she?). She asks the question I've been worrying about since I got pregnant. I mean, I've got awhile til I catch up to her number (5 is awesome!) but I've got the same worries with even one baby coming. Will I have enough time to keep up my friendships? I'm praying so! Thanks for making me not feel so alone, Christy!

Dirty Little Content Secrets
at Call Her Happy

I'm always digging on Pinterest for post-inspiration, especially in this crazy week of posting (yikes 7 ideas in 7 days) so Jenna's post was perfect timing. If you need a reference for lots of places to find writing inspiration, Jenna's your girl.

The lazy nerd's guide to weight loss
at Conversion Diary

Can't include a list of blog posts without giving credit to our inspiration queen this past week. Jen's post about weight loss tips was super helpful when all this week I've been feeling motivated to start working out after this baby comes! Check it out for her easy-to-follow tips.

 For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

and of course, 7 posts in 7 days!!