7QT #7: Maternity clothes

Because apparently I'm on a "style" blogging streak (see yesterday's post) (excuse me while I laugh at myself calling this style blogging...hahaha) I thought I'd compile a list of my favorite places and pieces of maternity clothes so far. 

Since it's my first time buying and researching all this stuff, I might be of help to someone? Maybe? Who knows.
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My top maternity item so far? This $20 baseball tee from Old Navy. I have a Gap credit card, so I get $10 coupons all the time, so I scored this for $10 (a pretty hefty feat, for new maternity tops, anyway). I love love love this shirt. I have always loved baseball tees, and this is super soft, hasn't worn out, and has a flattering neckline that doesn't get too crazy low.

2nd wardrobe staple? These 1969 demi-panel jeans from the Gap. 

I didn't think I'd like the mini panel when I first tried them on, but turns out it was just the ones I tried on in Target. These are perfect -- stretchy enough that they've accompanied me from halfway through my first trimester til now, and don't show any signs of slowing down. 

Plus, I've always loved Gap's jeans, especially their 1969 line, and these don't disappoint.
Currently they're on sale for $30! (only a few sizes left, though, unfortunately)

This dress from Motherhood Maternity.
(side note: does anyone else find that name stupidly repetitive? no? just me? okay then)

I was panicking trying to find a dress for a wedding back in January, because I'd finally outgrown my loose-fitting dress that had sufficed through the winter. It was hiking up wayyyy too much for polite company. 
Walked into the store, saw this on the sale rack, and fell in love. It's super comfortable (probably the most comfortable dress I've ever worn), stretchy, not too long or short, and the back has a nice little modest cutout that makes it a little fancier than normal. 

For some reason it comes with this weird string-belt which made no sense to me, but I wore it without one and it was fine.

These full-panel gray skinny jeans from Liz Lange Maternity at Target.

I was skeptical when I took this into the dressing room and bought them mostly because I was desperate for pants at the time, but they are the BEST. They don't stretch out too quickly, they're super comfy, and they are juuuuust dressy enough to wear as pants to Mass. 

They're on clearance ($13.98!) online with only a few sizes left, but I see them on the clearance rack every time I stop in Target, and I almost pick up a second pair every time.

 I'm currently wearing this Bumpstart shirt from Motherhood Maternity, and I looooove them. 

I'm still not sure what "Bumpstart" means -- all I can think of is jumpstarting a car -- but these basic tees are stretchy and hold their shape really well. Plus they come in packs of 2, and usually they're on some sort of sale from what I can tell. 

Technically this one's cheating because I don't own this dress (yet!) but isn't this 3/4 sleeve dress from Pink Blush Maternity just adorable? I mean, all their stuff is great but this is to die for.

I have another wedding to go to after Easter, and I'm eyeing this one as the next addition to my closet. 

These non-maternity leggings from the Gap have been lifesavers for me since day 1. They're hands-down the best leggings I've found out there -- stretchy, but not too constricting; easily wearable for 3, 4, 5 days in a row; long enough to stick into socks under your heels (I love doing that); and just all-around awesome.

For such a fantastic pair they do run sort of pricey (around $60 normally). But they're worth the investment. I bought my pair before I knew I was pregnant, and they still fit me now, when I'm just now entering my 3rd trimester. And they look just as good as they did when I bought them. I highly recommend them, pregnant or not.

Happy mama shopping -- and as always, for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!