Glimmer of spring

So today the temperature got up to 54° in Lincoln. And no, I don't mean negative 54° -- I mean positive, warm, 54° weather!

As my lovely (if crazy) sister put it, "I'VE BEEN WAITING LIFETIMES FOR THIS WEATHER."

After what seems like an interminable winter, in which we just suffered a lot of cold weather with hardly any snow, this is like God smiling down on us rewarding us for our patience through the very-sucky-below-0-temperatures.

Naturally, I decided to go outside and take some pictures to celebrate and document this momentous February 13th occasion (Galentine's Day, of course, glad you asked).

Yup, warm enough to wear socks with Birks and not freak out bc of snow impact. Best.

This is the view of our backyard, which was 6-8 in. deep in snow approximately 48 hours ago. Look how many bare spots there are now!

My husband, sweet man that he is, shoveled a path through our grass to the mailbox for me when it snowed the other day...because he knows how much I look forward to my daily trek to the mailbox, even in sub-arctic temps. Now it's all melty and I love it.

See that little bit of green there by the bricks? SPRING, people.
Also, please ignore the fact that our heavy-duty extension cord has spent the entirety of the winter outside under snow, serving no purpose whatsoever, because we're kinda lazy and it was too dirty to take back inside. Whoops.

Speaking of David (earlier), look at the note he left me Tuesday morning -- our 3 year togetherness anniversary (aka the day we started dating).

Since we started dating so close to Valentine's Day, we've never really celebrated the holiday hated by so many people errrwhere. This year though, since we have a wedding anniversary to celebrate, we're actually celebrating V-day. Not sure what it's going to entail but I am excited.

Okay, enough sap for one day.
Happy Galentine's Day to all you lovely ladies --


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