Deep thoughts for a Monday morning

Does anyone else sort of dread Sunday afternoons and evenings as they watch Monday creep closer and closer? 

David has always been a hater of Sunday afternoons, where as I used to love them -- Mass, relaxation, usually an afternoon nap, less social obligations than Saturdays and Fridays, but still the weekend. Perfection, no? Yet marriage brings with it all sorts of things I didn't realize, which includes changing opinions on days of the week.

Keep that nugget of matrimonial wisdom tucked away for later. You'll need it.

So yes, now, thanks to my wonderfully influential husband, I am no longer a fan of Sunday afternoons and evenings. I've tried tricking myself into believing it's still Saturday...didn't work. I've tried distracting myself with something fun/unusual to do...which works for awhile but then afterwards, I'm more dreading Mondays than ever.

Now don't misunderstand me -- I have a great job, that I really do enjoy doing. Plus, I work from home, so in reality my daily routine isn't too different, Sunday vs. Monday. But I just dread the general idea of Monday mornings. It's probably some leftover feelings from college, not wanting to start another long week of school/work/homework, over again.

this isn't David but kinda looks like him, actually

ANYWAY. That was a long intro to tell you that I dislike Mondays but that today, I was super excited to get up and out of bed! And it was weird, let me tell you. [I will readily admit that like, 68% of that motivation came from the realization that the 7 Posts in 7 Days was starting! yay! don't judge.]

Even with a headache, and another wimpy coating of snow on the ground outside, I was genuinely excited to get out of bed, go brush my teeth, and get to work. 

This got me thinking about the role that my attitude and outlook plays in my day-to-day life. Usually I would qualify myself as a generally positive person. I am optimistic most of the time and I don't like counting all the things that could go wrong in a certain situation, because it just depresses me.

Pregnancy has somewhat altered that. More than any other period in my life, I've been constantly worrying, obsessing over decisions, procrastinating important tasks, and generally been nervous about this BIG change that is happening to our little family in a few short months. I know hormones has something to do with this, but it's been more than that.

I am 100% excited for this baby to get here, don't get me wrong. But I've been so bogged down in the details that I haven't been taking the time to genuinely appreciate how blessed I am to be able to have this child, and how much I know I'm going to love being a mother.

27 weeks & a manly Forever 21 sweater

Yesterday during a sweet afternoon nap, David felt the little guy/girl kick pretty hard [she/he doesn't like it when I lay on my right side...silly thing!] and his face just lit up with the most pure joy I'd seen on anyone in a long time. And it took me by sad is that? I was honestly ashamed of myself for not taking more time to feel that same joy. Because I definitely have it, but for some stupid reason I've been pushing it down and placing other emotions in higher rank. Dumb.

So now I'm making an effort to take time every day to think about, pray for, and actually enjoy this pregnancy. Because I don't want to waste it!

Positive Monday morning thoughts your way --

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