Baby gender craziness

So David and I didn't find out the gender of baby Gokie coming in May, and it's been driving me a leeeetle bit crazy.

I'm not saying I regret our decision. No, definitely not. I think if we had found out, I'd be so obsessed with the details of little boy or little girl that I wouldn't be able to focus on all the other wonderful pregnancy things I can obsess about (like, how many scotcharoos is too many to eat in a 4 hour period? so far, no results available).

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No, I'm just a little freaking out because I really really wanna know who this little person is inside of me. When we were watching the ultrasound it kinda hit me for the first time -- wow, this is a real person inside of me. Like, one that can voluntarily roll around and is apparently camera shy only for its left forearm. (sidenote OMG why did no one tell me that the ultrasound is the hands-down best part of pregnancy? holy cow it was amazing)

Like, obviously I know that babies are real whole persons that get named, grow up, have weird habits, and eventually probably scream at you that they hate you around age 15-16. But until we saw the little person moving around on the screen, it was a lot less real to me personally.

And now that Baby G is viciously kicking me in the ribs every couple hours and has hiccup attacks that I can feel, the desire to know this baby is getting me more and more. I am only 26 weeks but I am 100% ready to meet the little guy/girl.

boy or girl, David's got soccer-player visions dancing in his head

Originally we were both convinced that it was a girl. According to old wives' tales, if the baby has a really high heartbeat early on, then it's a girl. Ours was at 166 bpm when we first heard it -- which was week 10 of pregnancy, and our doctor remarked how that was pretty high and strong for so early in the pregnancy (he had no trouble finding the heartbeat at all). So of course I was then convinced it was a girl.

But now, literally EVERYONE we know is having/has had a girl. Two couples that we know through the Newman Center both got married the same summer as we did, and they're both expecting girls. Pretty much every couple we know that has a child under the age of 2 (most of them new parents, to boot) have girls. So now we're convinced it's a boy.

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Is there some statistic about there being no way we can be the 20th couple in our circle of acquaintances that has a girl within a 2-year period? Because if so you should send it my way.

Or if you've got any curiosity-quenchers, because my brain is about fried trying to come up with another way I can prove that this little baby is a boy.

Hurry up May 23.