Five faves || positivity

hosted by Christy at fountains of home this, really, favoUrites, right?

1 || morning motivation

I saw this on Pinterest last night as I was scrolling for bathroom ideas before bed, and it really hit me. I've been stressed about work deadlines lately, and in response to that stress doing a lot of unhelpful procrastination. I decided to take today by this mantra: I got up, showered right away (super unusual for me, working from home), and went right to work.

It's amazing how much better I feel about the outcome of today with just those little changes -- even if everything else totally stinks, I'll count today as a win.

2 || summery thoughts

It's been actually warm here, warm enough for me to open the windows in my office and enjoy the breeze that is worth the paper shuffling I had to do to make sure nothing got lost. This candle from Target (which I found dinged and on super clearance) is adding to my urgent desire for winter to be done and summer to come.

3 || taro by alt-J

I know the song is kinda old news, but the hook in the chorus is amazing. You should listen to it here (I haven't checked out the music video so here's a song-only version on Youtube).

also, isn't their album art lovely?

4 || painting plans

Painting/priming of the baby's room starts tonight, finally! 

I'm also trying to pick a color for the ceiling of the bathroom -- how similar do you think those two colors are? I'm a little scared to pick something bold like painting the ceiling a color and leaving the walls blank, but #adventure, right?

5 || baby kicks

I know I post a lot about the little one but I am sincerely enjoying the workout baby G seems to be getting this morning. It's unusual for him/her to be up and about this early in the day, so I'm loving the little distractions every so often.

Can't wait to hold those little feet in my hands.

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  1. You can NEVER post too much about babies!! I'm preggo with #6 and I have just as much joy and excitement with this one as the rest, and I share it unabashedly on my blog too! Congratulations - I hope you are feeling well!

  2. Oh I just love painting for a baby's room! That colour looks great, and I think I saw on some home improvement show this week a slightly darker shade of it on a ceiling and I thought it looked amazing! I kinda want to get enough nerve to try it in my house sometime. Love baby kicks!


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