Personal blogging -- oh my!

Hi, my name is Hannah, and I'm starting a personal blog.

I've been "blogging" for about 6 years now - between Tumblr and running a Catholic blog with my wonderful former roommate (more on that later), I've been around the internet, you could say.

But now, I'm pregnant with my first baby (yay!) and I want a way to keep track of all the wonderful things that happen to me and to my family.

In theory, this blog is going to be a lot of journaling via website for me, rather than on any specific topic or for any real cause. I read a lot of mom blogs and I love the way moms can use them to both document their days and connect with other moms out there. I work from home, so I use the internet as a way to connect with other humans other than myself on a day-to-day basis.

Hopefully this blog will become a part of that, and also help me remember things about my youth when I'm old and gray and the internet is plugged directly into our brains. (you saw the theory here first, folks)

So, let me putter around for awhile and hopefully eventually someone will also want to read what I've written and we'll see what happens from there!



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