7QT #3 [including baby bump photos!!!!]

I got you hooked with that subtitle didn't I? I've been practicing my art of subtitles (see practically every other post having something in parentheses behind it...I'm a woman obsessed) so I thought I'd just continue the streak.

Aaaaand here we go!

If you haven't yet heard of them, you should go vote for your favorite bliggity blogs in the annual Sheenazing Awards, hosted by Bonnie at A Knotted Life. It's a great way to pit amazing blog writers against each other in a fight to the death...or an awesome way to highlight the wonderful women who share their lives with readers on the interwebz. I haven't quite decided which yet.

Either way, bound to be a good time, right?

Baby bump!! 
I'm officially 23 weeks cooked as of this morning (or let's be real, last night probably around 11:00 p.m....teeheehee) and Baby G is finally making me look not-fat-but-actually-pregnant. 

lookee there, you can even still see my feet!

If you want to see multiples of that glorious hipstery-bump shot, follow me on Instagram. I love looking into peoples' lives...so you probably do too?

In other Baby G news, I'm amazed at how much the little one likes treating my bladder like one of these:

after I found this picture I clicked on the link for the item...
long story short, don't buy these because they are recalled due to "lack of balance."

and always riiiight when I've hit that "sort of dreaming, sort of awake" stage right before the Zzzzs set in for real. 

I mean, I love knowing the little girl/guy is in there. But it's not always so comfortable.

My lovely ex-roommate (that sounds morbid, she didn't die, she just moved away to be a FOCUS missionary) shared this glorious website with me this morning:

 She suggested Lazer Jax. 
I was thinking Axel Exton. 

How do you decide what letters are "hip" or "edgy"? who decides that sort of thing??? As a former English major I don't like discriminating letters against each other. Let's be fair, people.

(Also quick shoutout to her as one of the very few who probably actually read this blog -- her and my husband, that is! Hi Caitlin!!!!)

If you listen to Foster the People, who has one of the best coherent albums I've ever heard, or even if you don't, you should listen to their new single. It's been pretty much on repeat since I listened to it on Monday.

Plus it has cool mural-making in the video!

I'm slowly working on completing my baby registries, both from Target and Amazon, and I'm needing some baby item suggestions or recommendations. There are approximately 8 billion types of every little thing a baby needs, and I'm one of the world's most indecisive women. Anybody have some help for a soon-to-be-mama? I'd take anything you'll give me.

This weekend is going to involve a visit from the electrician for the baby's room, a shopping trip or two to Menards for more supplies (as does almost every weekend in the Gokie household!), and most importantly a trip to Hobby Lobby to get supplies for the baby quilt I'm planning!

It's going to look somewhat similar to this one but I'm going for a little more edgy (I've now used that word twice in the same post, what is happening to me) and gender-neutral color scheme than this one. I'll post something about it once I get it all pieced together...and if I'm feeling super ambitious I might even make some sort of tutorial. 

Peace out folks! 

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  1. Just stumbled across your blog randomly, and I love reading about all of the fun baby things :)

    1. Oh thanks Kristen!! It's a bit overwhelming all the decisions to be made but also super exciting. :)


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