Bandwagon-er (another post about embroidery)

Okay, so I'm totally guilty of being a bandwagon-jumper. Especially when it comes to crafty things. So, I'm jumping on the bandwagon that's been going around and have been doing some hand embroidery lately!

I've done embroidery in the past - I think I've owned a hoop for about 2-3 years, and I went through a phase in college where I embroidered rap lyrics onto fabric for my then-roommates. I think I did a Kanye West tweet at one point too.

Yes, I was the hippest college girl you know. Don't worry about it.

The other day I was reading blogs as I do in my free time -- no surprise there -- and saw Jenna's (now-infamous) embroidery post with very helpful vlogs and embroidery supply lists and stitch videos. I'd been looking for a craft that I could do easily for the baby's room that wasn't going to take me forever, and that wasn't knitting, because I will be honest with you and tell you that besides baby booties and scarves my knitting skills are extremely sub-par.


I decided to embroider a cute little giraffe for a frame in the baby's room. Unfortunately I didn't have the time or motivation to go to the store and get actual embroidery thread, so I just made do with the thread I have on hand, which is just regular sewing thread.

Here's the finished product!

Obviously I haven't bothered to iron him out yet, as you can tell by the severe crease down the middle and the clouds-that-aren't-clouds-but-are-really-wrinkles up near the top.

Because I didn't have embroidery thread, I did basically a double layer of stitching for every line I made on the little guy, which made it take twice as long but would have been wayyyy too faint otherwise.

I'm still debating whether or not to add a border around the whole thing once I find some matching frames to hang on the walls in the nursery. I'll probably revert to my home and buy some cheap-o ones like this from Target.

Now I need some help -- what goes well with a giraffe? I'm thinking I want a set of 4 total pieces, and I'd like one to be a good Scripture quote and the other maybe animals? or some other baby related thing? If you have some ideas shoot them my way, otherwise I'll resort to Pinterest research and hopefully come up with something good.

Until next time --


  1. As this is a manual process rather than a digital reproduction, any pattern created using free-motion machine embroidery is unique and cannot be exactly reproduced, unlike with computerized embroidery.
    Thanks for sharing.....

    Silk Digitizing


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