7QT #1 (officially speaking, anyway)

This is my first official link up with Jen since I've started this blog so I'm nervous...but excited... welcome to anyone who clicks through to my blog to read here for the first time. No promises on entertaining content or anything like that, but I'll do my very best. 

an unabashed selfie -- if van gogh painted his own, I don't feel so bad.
This week has been crazy busy at work. Turns out all the projects I thought were due on the 15th of January were actually due January 1st, aka I missed the deadline even if I had them all done before my first day of work for the year. Oops. 

a picture of my crazy work desktop. stresses me out just looking at it.
I thought this would mean that my New Years "resolution" to blog on a regular basis would be thrown out the window for the week, but I actually did a pretty good job (in my opinion, anyway). I always forget that I work so much better under pressure...brings back memories of putting off 15+ page papers til a day or two before they were due in college. 

So, I worked about 75 hours so far this week, and have some more to do today after I finish my mid-morning breakfast-and-blogging break. YAY.

I had my first somewhat legitimate pregnancy "scare" this week - I tried putting my contacts in Wednesday morning and my left eye immediately turned red and burned like crazy. Went to the eye doctor. She looked at my eye every which way, and finally pronounced that there was nothing wrong with me. Awesome. She then proceeded to tell me that dryness of the eyes is common during pregnancy (I had no idea?) and that's probably what caused my pain.

I felt a little foolish walking out of the appointment because of course I had freaked out when I looked up scratches on your eye on WebMD and they said something about occular cysts and so I panicked.  I'm very glad that wasn't the case, but from now on when something weird happens I'm going to head to a pregnancy website, not WebMD, and THEN decide if I should panic or not.

I've been surviving on a (breakfast) diet of dry Frosted Flakes since I bought the family size at Target for $3.25 the other day. They are just SO good. Basically the equivalent of eating healthy sweet chips all day, every day. I don't think it necessarily qualifies as a pregnancy craving but I can't get enough of them.

Someone on my Facebook newsfeed shared the following two articles this week, which pretty accurately sum up my feelings towards studies conducted about pregnancy and babies and all that jazz. (Kendra @ Catholic All Year also shared the first article in her QT this week. Small internet world. I'm sharing again in case you missed it.)

Take Back Your Pregnancy

Reddit-er Understands Pregnancy

Maybe it's my first-time-mom-ness, but I'm just constantly overwhelmed with all these decisions I'm supposed to be making! Any advice for a newbie?

I got a Target gift card for Christmas, and now I'm faced with the impossible decision of what to spend it on. House things? Cute baby things? Maternity clothes? Their big beginning-of-the-year clearance (online) isn't helping me with the process. 

glad there was a picture to accurately portray my feelings when i googled "target addict"
And yes, I'm one of those who has a stereotypical addiction to Target. Don't judge me too harshly, please. 

David's parents are coming down this afternoon to help us start on the baby's room. Get excited for lots of pre-and-post reno pics, as well as probably another cry for help on picking a gender-neutral color that ISN'T yellow. 

Seagreen bluish? Purply-gray? I'm at a loss, guys. And I hate repainting (and wasting money), so any advice is welcome.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yay for your first 7 Quick Takes! I'm also a fellow Target fan, so I totally feel your pain :) I also got a gift card that I have NO clue what to spend it on because there's just so many good things there!

  2. Re neutral colors...mint green is the other biggie. But the baby isn't going to know or care what his or her room looks like, anyway. We didn't paint at all. I just spent $3.99 on star garland and tacked it to the ceiling and I was perfectly happy. Oh yes, and the old, out-of-date royal blue banners from church, which had gorgeous silver trim, and which I used for curtains. It sounds horrible but it was really lovely. I miss those curtains.


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