7 QT #2

This has been another busy week - not quite as crazy as the last one when it comes to work, but still crazy enough that I feel somewhat stressed - which is a little unusual for me when it comes to work. But the next couple weeks should slow down a little bit, so that's good news.

I don't know if anyone hasn't heard of Verily Magazine by now, but if you haven't I highly recommend adding them to your daily reading list. Verily seems to be the only magazine company out there that understands the modern woman, and they do a fantastic job of providing provoking topics and telling the truth about women today that I haven't found elsewhere. Their tagline is "Verily is a magazine less about who you should be, and more of who you are" -- which sums them up greatly.

I'm majorly hankering for a print subscription, but as my birthday's not til May I might have to wait until then and survive on their blog feed until then (a wonderful substitution, btw).

Because my dad instilled in us kids a deep love and appreciation for good, quality music, I have this burning need to share artists and bands that are truly fantastic whenever I run across them. Bear Attack! is my current obsession. I've been listening to them for about a year, but rather off-and-on until the other day when I played their (total of) 9 songs on repeat for an entire day. SO GOOD.

Bear Attack! was formed originally as a group of college kids for an assignment at a music school in LA, and has blossomed since then -- if you watch Pretty Little Liars (I don't), you might recognize The Backpack Song from the season finale of some year.

Give them a listen and maybe buy their music so they stick around?
One of the things I miss most about being in college is having a paper planner that I meticulously fill out, day-by-day, with everything I'm doing, have done, and need to do in the future. I spent more of my daydreaming time in class obsessing in my planners than I like to admit to normal non-planner-loving company.

That being said, how weird is it if I get a planner for this year? I miss my old Moleskine, but think that I might be wasting my time because what am I gonna write...went to work, upstairs...went to Target, again...etc. etc?

Oh well. I might just have to do it. LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE?
I'm drooling a little bit just looking at it

One of my sub-New Year's Resolutions is to get back into reading fiction. I miss having the academic discussion and rigor that being an English major gave me. I was basically forced to read 20-30 amazing fictional works every semester and I loved it...and now I miss it. (Huge nerd, I know.)

This year I'm starting with Kate Atkinson's Life After Life. I'm only about 50 pages in, but I love love love it so far. I think I miss reading a lot, but I also think that she's an author I'll be picking at the library more often.

Baby has been kicking me a lot this week - and I am falling more and more in love with it. There's nothing quite like feeling an actual physical touch as proof that there's another human being sharing your body, is there? It makes me smile just thinking about it. Kick away baby!!

yep that's 2,000 Names from the World's Great Literature.
English n-e-r-d, I told you.

David and I have also been looking through baby name books. Talk about overwhelming! My only thought: if we're having problems finding two names we like, how the heck do you move on when you have kid #2? and 3, 4, 5, etc?

Birth announcements - yay or nay? I love giving and getting mail, so on one hand I'm leaning towards doing them. I could use the design experience making my own (an area I'm trying to expand my skills in). But, I'm wondering if most moms plan on doing them and then are so busy/tired/distracted that they never get around to doing them after the baby's born.

What are your thoughts?

Happy weekend, everyone!
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