January Schmanuary

David and I have been really remarkably busy for the end of what usually seems like a pretty down and easy-going month.

Perhaps in my head I'm comparing this now adult life to past school year lives, where the end of January meant maybe your first assignment was coming up on the horizon, but yikes - it is not the same for us both now! I've been working long days and extra hours to catch up on work deadlines that are quicklyyyy approaching and just a lot of things around the house to do.

This weekend was a little break from that, though. We took a walk at my favorite place, Pioneers Park, a big naturey wonderland situated on the edge of Lincoln.

I made the photo x-large so you can appreciate how amazing and beautiful it was
Although the wind was insane (somewhere around 50 mile gusts gets pretty overwhelming when you're standing in the middle of a huge clearing with no trees blocking it) it was worth the extra effort it's taking me to haul my ever-growing belly around just to get some fresh air.

Saturday night was Date Night (yes, capital letters on purpose) because we realized we hadn't been out to dinner for over 4 months. I mean, we'd gotten Raisin' Cane's (because it is delicious) and rented some RedBox-es but not like, dress up and plan ahead and have date night. It was very nice and much needed - we spent a lot of time arguing about baby names. Needless to say it was fun.

doesn't he look excited for date night??
Sunday night we spent working on the baby quilt! I'm planning a master post to show you all how I did it, because I'm attempting something more complicated than usual, but here's a little preview:

Please ignore the fact that my template for cutting my pieces out is a page from a Victoria's Secret magazine. It was the only scrap paper I could find on a quick look around our house.

Also, thank goodness for marrying someone with opposing strengths to your own: I often have great ideas that involve some sort of math and I couldn't get any of them done without David's help.

Keep warm if you're as cold as we are these days...a high of 3 seems a wrong use of the word "high."
Pax tecum---