Bits and bobs

Isn't that a cute phrase? I'd never heard it before my lovely friend/roommate/maid of honor used it and then I was hooked. I say it to myself all the time so I figured, good title for a post that has (practically speaking) a whole lot of nothing in it.

I think I'm finally starting to understand the pregnancy brain symptom, or at least becoming more aware of it when it happens. Last night I dreamed that I was so hungry for a burger that I went to Wendy's, and a la Ron Swanson, told them to make me all the burgers they had at their store. Surprisingly enough even for dream-world, they agreed, but then they wouldn't all fit in my car.

It was very sad.

Other news:
a) I'm looking at my lovely new thread holder (Christmas present from D) and wanting to start a new embroidery project. Jenna has a new vlog series about hand embroidery, which has sparked my creative streak again. I'd really like to embroider something for the baby but I can't decide what.

Cute gender-neutral animals? A park scene? Something Catholic-y but simple enough that I could actually do it? I'll probably pick something and finish it halfway and find something better that I wish I would have chosen at the's my crafting MO.

b) I'm taking a progesterone supplement twice weekly, which first of all tastes more disgusting than any other pill I've ever taken, and secondly I have this theory. I take the pill right before bed, along with my prenatal vitamin, and I think I have crazier/more detailed/easily memorable dreams on the nights that I take it, compared to the others. Any other progesterone-takers have experience with this?

c) Wondering how dangerous it ACTUALLY is for me to be painting the baby's room at 22-24 weeks? We're not quite at the paint stage yet (drywall is up, but yet to be mudded/sanded), but I've read every different opinion about the subject under the sun online. I'm thinking if it's ventilated enough, and I take enough breaks, it should be okay. Guess we'll find out? If I get too nervous, I could theoretically call my doctor.
Also, this is the color we chose for the room. Whaddya think?

d) I'm not satisfied with my current blog theme, and wondering if it's too ambitious to try to learn to design my own or if I need to keep searching the vast and seemingly unending free blogger themes online, most of which I absolutely hate.

I have a little experience with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc., as well as some basic HTML/CSS coding, but I'm nervous. If this blog looks freaky in the next couple weeks/days, that'll be why.

Thanks for putting up with my crazy, y'all. Til next time.