2013 in 13

Since this bloggy-thing is relatively new to me, I figured I should start out linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Dwija, who I've been reading for a long time and give y'all a summary of my last year. That way, you'll win, I'll win, we all win.

Unfortunately I got a new computer in the last couple months AND got a new phone AND lost a lot of my old photos, so I'm going to hope Instagram can pull through for me and help me recap 2013 in a somewhat organized way.


A selfie I took before heading out to see one of my former roommates' art show as part of her graduation requirements. I stole most of the outfit from a then-current roommate, so I wanted to document it. [I told you the whole Instagram reliance thing wasn't going to be all that great.]


David and I went on Engaged Encounter - what a great weekend full of laughter and a lot of learning.


I didn't do anything too crazy for my last spring break of college, besides "borrowing" a classroom in one of the buildings and having some fun with David and a screen projector. #easilyamused


David got his wisdom teeth out. This photo is immediately post-op, where he repeatedly woke up and couldn't remember where he was or what had happened. He was convinced for 2 hours that they tricked him and didn't actually take his teeth out since he couldn't feel them. Silly boy - needless to say, it was hilarious.


May of 2013 was a big one. I graduated from college (hooray!), ran my second half-marathon (not so yay - knee pain galore), and then this photo: David and I closed on our house. This is the view out the front door - isn't she cute?


Although this isn't one of our fancy wedding pictures, this is one of my favorites from the best day of my life so far - my and David's wedding day! We got married on the 29th and this is a shot of the beautiful ring he designed for me. 


In July David and I were in Mexico on our honeymoon. It was the perfect week of relaxing after a stressful couple of weeks. This is us and the ocean - basically the story of our entire trip. I'd go back in an instant.


One of a few times we went golfing in August. We had a great end to the summer and I started working from home that month - but there aren't many pics that sum that up, so I went with [another] selfie. 


This isn't necessarily a noteworthy picture but it's a good summary of September. I did a lot of reading on our front porch, wrote some short stories, and started my blanket that was supposed to be a Christmas present...which still isn't finished. Whoops.


Easily the best part of October was traveling to see a Husker game (my first away game!) and visiting my brother at school. We had a great weekend - multiplied by the fact that we found out we were expecting right before we left!


David and I worked on and completed a lot of home-improvement projects in November, including raking the giant pile of leaves in our front yard not once but twice! November also included finishing morning sickness (thank the Lord) and the beginning of a baby bump for me -- almost visible in this picture.


Hands down, the best part of December was my 18-week ultrasound we had on Christmas Eve. Although I don't have my digital pics uploaded from it yet, this baby outfit (a gift for Christmas) summarizes how excited we are for the baby - and how beautiful it was to see the ultrasound! 

Hopefully you've enjoyed a summary of my year. It was one of the most eventful I think we'll ever have. Can't wait to see what my post looks like next year!