7QT #4

I know I probably don't have enough steady readers to notice this, but I've been experimenting with different blog designs lately - as someone who codes ebooks for a living, I have a minimal knowledge of HTML so I've been messing around with a lot of different things. If this blog keeps looking different every time you click, that's probably why. Eventually I'm sure I'll stick to one... hopefully anyway...

I got a haircut this week!

I didn't manage to get a "before" shot because I was later than I wanted to be and I'm also bareelyy fitting into any coats that work in this weather so I can't move around very well in them once the coat is on, so after is all you get.
I got about 7" taken off and a lot more layers and bangs...it's a big change.

If you like reading blogs (probably you do since you're reading this) you should click on over to Caitlin's blog. She's a relatively newbie (newby?) blogger like me but let me assure you, she is hilarious and I am 100% looking forward to all she has to blog about, ever. Especially since she was rude enough to move away from me, 966.7 miles to be exact, andddd this is a way I get to peek into her more exciting life without being too stalker-ish.

If you're curious, yes I did calculate that mileage exactly.

Also here's a gratuitous picture of us together our freshman year of college:

please ignore our blurry friend Patrick on the right side of this photo

We're supposed to get a light dusting of snow here in Lincoln between now and noon, and then again up to maybe even 3 inches by tomorrow morning. I know everyone everywhere else in the country seems to hate snow but I am SOOO excited. It's nice to have spring and all but I do love me some winter precipitation.

Also this CollegeHumor video is hilariously accurate about the Southern reaction to winter (and surprisingly not full of profanity!):

David and I are getting closer and closer to picking out names for the little Gokie arriving in May. We have a "top contenders" list and a "maybe" list and a "yes we have to use these names" list. All of which aren't as long as I thought they'd be by this point, but whatever. 

And no, none of the lists fall under the "worst baby names ever" category, which apparently includes names such as Tragedy, Hitler, Messiah, Failure, and Allergy.

I guess the Super Bowl is this weekend, or something? I love college football, don't get me wrong, but I've never been a huge pro football plan. And somehow the Super Bowl always seems to sneak up on me. Especially now that David and I don't have access to TV (we don't even have bunny ears...), my knowledge has significantly decreased from what it was before, which was minimal.

I'm planning on making some delicious cheese dip to bring to a friend's house, camp out, and make everyone be quiet while the commercials come on. Including this one, which I'm sure my pregnancy hormones will force me to cry at in front of all my friends, even though I really don't want to.

 What is with me and posting all these videos lately? idk man, it's just really weird.

Less than 7 days until the Winter Olympics!

This whole not-having-TV thing is great, usually, because David and I are really good at Netflixing shows constantly. But the one time I'm really going to miss having just plain old ABC is during the Olympics. 

Luckily, one of our friends lives a 5-minute walk away from our house, so we're planning on hoofing it over there to watch our fellow talented Americans go ridiculously fast down tall things, and ridiculously fast in circles on tiny little blades, and sweep...ridiculously...fast...?? Should be grrrrreat.

Thanks to Jen as always for hosting the best link-up ever! :) 
Happy weekend--

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