Five Favorites #2 (Movies!)

I was going to write a post about movies, because I have lots of thoughts about them recently,  but I couldn't come up with a title. Typical.

So then I went through my Bloglovin' feed and had a stroke of inspiration, because it's Wednesday, reading Hallie's blog: make it into a Five Favorites post! So here goes.


The Fault In Our Stars trailer is officially out! And on the Youtube! Which you can watch with the internetz!

If you aren't an avid reader of teen fiction, or you don't have teenagers yourself, maybe you haven't heard of John Green and his amazing novels, including The Fault In Our Stars. TFIOS (way easier than typing out that title every time) was a NYTimes #1 bestseller, a Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller, earned starred reviews from practically everyone on earth, and has been translated into an enormous amount of languages. And now it's a movie! With Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort!

John Green's writing is refreshing and honest, and the movie looks like it's going to be just as great (if that's possible) as the novel. Also one time he tested the theory that he might in fact be an octopus and the results are hilarious.


David and I went to see Gimme Shelter last night with another couple, and I was immediately impressed and saddened that I hadn't heard more about this movie before we went!

It was at times heartwrenching, heart-warming, prolife, eye-opening, very real, and about as inspiring as a movie can get these days. And the best part? Based on a real-life woman's shelter called Several Sources Shelter.

Go see the movie if you get the chance -- you won't regret it.


I had no idea that the best-selling book Heaven Is For Real was going to be made into a movie -- I was behind the times, apparently. Now, I've never actually read it (always meant to, haven't gotten around to it) but the movie looks compelling.

It's refreshing just to have the opportunity to see movies that are openly religious included in mainstream media these days -- including Noah, Son of God, and these last two I've listed.

Now, disclaimer, I haven't done much reading into how legit these movies are, but nonetheless - they are about religion! and openly so! and it's awesome! (Please don't hate me.)


Movies like Endless Love (which I saw the trailer for last night) make me lose faith in humanity. I'm not even going to link you to the trailer because it looks so bad. Also the whole time the background music was so dark and creepy that I was convinced the main "love interest" was going to turn into a zombie or a serial killer or a vampire (immortal/endless)? It would have probably made a better movie that way.

Okay fine here watch it so you know what I mean:

But please don't go see it. Ugh. I shudder at the thought.


And last but not least, FINALLY a movie from the villain's perspective! I've never liked Angelina Jolie all that much but man does she look terrifying in this. Can't wait to hear/see more about this movie.

What have you seen and liked lately? I'm always looking for more movie suggestions. :)
Happy hump day!


  1. Saw Endless Love trailer and kept whispering "murderer". I don't know, it'd be a good twist I think.


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