P90X update

So as you might remember, I'm in the midst of doing P90X as a way to get back in shape after not exercising for approximately 9 months...whoops.

Well, that's not entirely true. I was in the midst of P90X when I found out we were pregnant, last year in early October. So I had been doing some working out at the very onset of pregnancy, but as soon as I found out I was like, forget this and let's work on other things instead. Also, I was having a hard time finding a full hour during my first trimester where I was not working and also not feeling nauseous.

sunburnt at our resort for our honeymoon...s
ort of an unrelated pic but I've been looking for an excuse to use it
Back to now. At 6 weeks postpartum, I decided to start P90X. Why, why oh why would you commit to something like that right after having a baby, you might ask? Here were my reasons:

          1. I need structure in my workouts. If I don't have a plan, and a plan that is pretty rigid and unforgiving, it tends to fall to the wayside, pregnant, postpartum, what have you. P90x is like built on structure.

          2. I like weight lifting and cardio, but never have been successful at doing both in the same day. P90x is a great mix of both, in the same week, without being too heavy on one end or the other.

          3. I can't really go for runs, and definitely couldn't 6 weeks postpartum. I have a pretty severe case of IT Band syndrome, which prevented me from running cross country as a senior in high school and has persisted ever since. I'm okay on ellipticals, but can't do anything that is really like running for a long period of time. Also my joints were crazy loose still at 6 weeks so I was like, probably better not (Fat Amy voice, please.)

          4. It seemed crazy. I like crazy things. I like being extreme and committing to something that most people scoff at. Plus Tony Horton, the leader/coach, is extreme and hilarious. Also I think he probably says the word "extreme" about 100 times per video. Right up my alley.

I contemplated taking a before picture, but I thought about it and looked in the mirror and was like, I'm pretty positive I'm going to remember what I looked like. No reason to scald the camera lens by taking the actual picture.

Now, I haven't gone through the program all the way yet, and I took about 2 weeks off total so far - this past week I was sick with a cold (thanks a lot David) and when we went on vacation I couldn't muster the energy during my week of relaxation plus taking care of a baby on vacation. So I'm obviously not suuuuper strict about it.

I love being pregnant...
but I also love being able to bend over all the way.
But other than that, I've been really good to myself by keeping with the program and not giving up, even when I had to modify or change things. At the beginning I avoided the ab workouts, doing my own modified versions because I was afraid to damage my abs (diastasis recti was like, my major fear during pregnancy...don't ask me why). Even though my doctor approved me and was visibly impressed with my ability to lift my legs (such a simple task, such hard work right after giving birth) at my checkup, I was still hesitant. So I held off on those.

And holy crap, even though I took last week off because of illness, I can tell a noticeable difference in how in shape I am now versus how much I was not when I started. Taking the week off let me have a chance to notice how well I was doing on my workout yesterday! Soo here goes, some results I've encountered so far.

Results {so far}:
          I can do 25 standard "girl" pushups in a row. This is a huge deal for me - I have always struggled with pushups, and even though I'm doing the modified version, I still love seeing my progress from when I started. When I began the program, I could do maybe 4 or 5 in a row and then be shaking and totally out of breath. Last night I did 25 in a row with no problem!
          I don't get winded going up and down stairs, or walking for a long time in a row. Obviously when I was pregnant some of those were because I was pregnant, but I love seeing and feeling the difference.
          For the first time in my life, I have zero love handles. Obviously I'm not entirely svelt in that area but I have never not had love handles! This is huge for me and was super encouraging to notice. The cellulite on my legs, which I've had for a long time, is also gone. Smooth sailing, which is awesome.
          I've had to increase the weights I've been using on the weight lifting sections, and I can do the hardest version of pullups-using-bands (we don't own a pullup bar, so I use bands like they do on the DVDs).

I've wanted and somewhat needed a little bit of a motivational push recently, so this tallying up of things I'm noticing about myself is more for my own benefit than for yours, dear reader. But thanks for putting up with me anyway.

Really the best "result" I've seen so far is that I crave working out. Sundays are rest or stretch days, but sometimes due to scheduling I have to move them around to a day during the week where we're going to be out of town or something. When I don't work out on a day I usually do, I actually miss it! I notice how much less energy I have, and how sluggish I feel by the end of the day. Working out also gives me a chance to not think about anything for an hour, which is always good. And when David's not working too late, it gives me an hour or two by myself which is great for a mama's soul (if he works late, I try to work out while Kate is napping).

Obviously P90X isn't for everyone. But if you need structure like I do, and you're looking for something challenging, I highly encourage it. I was gifted a hand-me-down set of the workout DVDs (the original set, from like 2005 or whenever) so I didn't have to pay the steep price, but I think it would totally be worth it if I hadn't. (Nope, this isn't an affiliate post...I just really like the program and think others would too.)

What do you do to work out? Do you love seeing your results as much as I do?


  1. Congratulations on your results so far! I love hearing the positive results that come out of a new workout routine.

    I haven't been working out regularly during pregnancy (bleh) but I already can't wait to get back into the swing of things whenever my body is able postpartum. I miss it!


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