eating: lots of things you can grill...brats, chicken, repeat. using the grill while we still can.

drinking: iced coffee & water. & gatorade, to beat this cold.

listening to: noah and the whale radio on spotify. fall weather always brings me back to them -- soothing and easy to work to. also, thunder.

watching: baby kate sleep. and also firefly, and contemplating starting the west wing.

reading: eleanor & park, which I already love on chapter 3. blogs, as always.

wearing: gym shorts and tees. and jeans! so excited to wear jeans again. with buttons and zippers, even.

realizing: only 2 short months until my BFF gets married. crazy how time flies.

working on: house projects galore, finishing up this month's work, trying to stay sane and not too messy.

enduring: a cold brought home by my lovely husband. I didn't get it as bad as him but it's still hard to be a mother and also weather a cold.

smelling: incoming rain, and a lilac candle gifted to me by my sister's boyfriend.

sewing: a very secret special project that is making me very excited. cooler weather brings out my craftiness and I'm extra excited about this one.

wanting: time to slowwwww down. kate's already so much bigger than when she was born. how can that be over 3 months ago already?

disliking: a not-really-functioning water heater. cold showers = no fun.

cheering for: huskers, even though the game starts at 9:30 p.m.  this weekend. I'm going to need some major caffeine help.

what are you up to currently?


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