7QT #22: fussing, thrifting, and college football

Another week, another quick takes post wi' Jen. Let's be real, I can't write more than a take's worth of a post anyway so here we go!

Peaches around here have finally been good. I get wary of fruit purchases when it's off season, but the problem with only having done your own grocery shopping for like 4 years now is that I'm still unsure of when in-season is for some fruits and veggies. Obviously I have figured it out now for Colorado peaches - aka right this very second. Our hometown grocery store (Super Saver, duh) has fantastic ones in right now for like $1.50/lb. I think I'm going back this weekend for more of them.

Who am I? Blogging about fruit? What a great start to a riveting post, Hannah...

I think Kate is going through her 3-month growth spurt (just googled to see if that was a thing...google says it is.) She's been sporadically fussy for no apparent reason, which is very unlike her, and also has been eating and getting up more frequently during the night and not staying asleep like she used to. I thought originally that she was maybe cutting her first tooth - which I haven't totally discounted yet, btw - because she's been extra drooly and fussy also, but now I'm thinking it is growing pains instead.

come ON mom, figure it out already!
Her first growth spurt - at least, first one that I noticed - was around the 8 week mark, but I didn't recognize what it was until we were through it. After about 3 days she was back to normal. So I'm hoping to ride out this wave of fussy in the next, oh, 24 hours, and call it good. Report back for further details later.

I've been trying to keep up with the brouhaha going down around Archbishop Fulton Sheen's cause for canonization, and this was an interesting article you may not have read about it yet:

Okay yeah it's one of those buzzfeed-like article titles, but the author made some valid points I hadn't thought of yet. Just thought I'd add to the mix. I definitely believe Sheen is going to be a saint someday - just might take a little longer than thought previously!

I had my first payout from Twice this week - and my one from ThredUp is coming soon, an email told me this morning! I can't wait to see what the other one brings but after they both come you best be sure I'm going to write a review post!

[try to contain your excitement while you wait, hard as it may be]

I'm also trying to decide if I want to get store credit (25% more) or just take the cash at Twice...thoughts? I'm all ears eyes.

David and I have tons of house improvement projects in the works and in the conception stage right now, and they're making me super excited. Last weekend we rearranged the basement and at the same time switched our dining room and living room on the first floor. I haven't taken pictures yet because it's still in destructo mode but once I do I am going to be asking for your feedback to see if we're crazy to think we can knock down a wall and not have our house fall down around our ears.

I mean, yes, we're crazy. But like, how crazy??

New favorite healthy drink?
Pellegrino + Crystal Light.

Best combo ever!

Does anyone who doesn't have a cable subscription have tips on how we can buy and/or watch college football games without paying an arm and a leg? Not that we don't love socializing but the thought of going somewhere every Saturday for the next 10 weeks to watch a Husker game sounds intimidating for us homebodies.

I heard rumor that AppleTV might be what we want...any clues? Or does everyone else just suck it up and buy cable?

Like I said...riveting post content right over hurrr.
Hope you all have a lovely lovely week! Check out famous radio host Jen's for more lovin.


  1. No don't buy cable! Get an antenna. So old school... but I suppose that only really works if majority of the games you want to see are on network. So maybe not... (we're in it for ND, which all the home games are on NBC). We actually have basic cable because it makes our internet cheaper, but for a while we had an antenna. It was a paint but it got the job done. ;)

  2. I'd go with store credit for Twice if you're anticipating buying anything there ever, since you get a higher payout and then your returns will automatically be free since you'll be getting the same credit back. Plus it doesn't expire, so you can take your sweet time looking for the perfect items! Then again, I'm a bit of an addict... But it's so much better than shopping at real stores!

  3. We bought cable, too, b/c it was cheaper in a bundle. We don't know what to do when our year of discounted rates expires (in a couple months), might have to buy the antenna/digital converter or what-have-you. Crazy Seminoles fan in this house, so no getting around it.

  4. Last year we were without cable for college football and used our parents' AT&T U-verse log-in info to watch ESPN online and used our Chromecast to get it on our tv. If your parents or in-laws or friends have cable, they might have some sort of online account you could borrow!


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