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As this blog is a sort of electronic journal, and I haven't spent much time writing about or recording our home improvement projects lately, I thought I'd catch myself up and make an official list. I'm even going to separate them into categories!

cleaning so fast you can't see his hand

Things We Have Completed

Redid the nursery, which included:
Tore out old walls
Tore out windows
Added insulation
Drywalled every wall
Put in new windows
Added ceiling fan
Added light in closet
Added new trim and baseboard
Painted dresser
Painted side table
...and other things...
Replaced 4 basement windows
Painted and refinished outside of basement windows
Refinished my work desk
Built shelves in basement
Added carpet to basement (not actually installed, just laid)
Painted my own dresser

Things In Progress

Finishing/start the rest of the basement windows
Super secret project #1, woodwork edition
Super secret project #2, sewing machine edition
Rearrange attic into guest room
Organize/create work room for David's tools

Things To-Do

(Note: most of these are wish-list items, and are probably not going to do them all. But we can dream, right?)
Knock out the wall between kitchen & dining room
Take out old cabinets
Build new cabinets (David's ambitious project, although with Kate's current post I'm feeling more optimistic)
Move our back door to the middle of the house
Fill in current back door, replace missing siding, etc.
Replace lots of other windows because they're all broken
Build deck or lay cement for a patio
Re-tile bathroom floor
Add bathroom (or at least a toilet and sink) to the basement
Replace window in shower (yes, we have a window in our shower...it's ridiculous) with either block glass or something else (any ideas?)
Paint our bedroom
Take out/replace all plaster walls in the entire house
Add bathroom to the second floor
Add recessed window to basement
Add bedroom (framed and everything) to basement


Like I said, this is a big huge wish list. Obviously it will depend on how quickly we outgrow this house, and how much time and money we want to put into it while we're here. Also, how much energy we continue to have for house projects. It's really our favorite couple past-time - what we spend our free time on - but maybe that will change. (I'm guessing not, but never say never, right?)

In the mean time, we're dreaming on Pinterest (we're obsessed) and having fun working on our current projects.


  1. Y'all are superstars! How exciting to be able to look back and see all you've accomplished so far!


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