7QT #23: moto jackets, teething, and thrifting

Friday again! Yay! How about some quick takes? Head to Jen's for more!

I do not think I can pull off a moto jacket (aka motorcycle jackets styled for women.) This fact does not stop me from dreaming of buying one and hoping that I could pull one off. Here are some of my favorites, both from Forever21:


here and here

I really love them. But they're not practical, and I don't look like the kind of girl who can pull them off. Or do I? I can't decide. What say you?

I discovered the black-and-white shoot setting on my camera yesterday! Therefore, more pictures of Kate. 

David worked late every single night this week (except tonight!), which kind of stunk. When he works late, it usually means I have not-very-healthy things for dinner, and Kate and I get a little bored at home. It also meant we got no further on any projects we currently have in the works...and lately our weekends have been crazy busy, so we haven't done anything during the weekend either.

Hopefully we'll change that this weekend! We have some windows to still finish up in the basement, before snow hits - which, let's be honest, could be any day now. We're also working on a secret gift, hopefully refinishing our dining room table, and then I've got to get going on some sewing projects.

I'm looking forward to a productive weekend. Plus a Husker football game. What more could you want from a fall Saturday?

Does anyone have good teething remedies, somewhat on the natural tendency? I'm definitely not above giving Kate some Baby Tylenol when she needs it, but this onset of teething is throwing us for a bit of a loop and I'd rather not constantly drug her to improve her mood/sleep.

We have one of the above (Sophie the Giraffe...most expensive little thing in the world) which Kate loves, but she doesn't have quite enough motor control to really get it in her mouth and keep it there. So I'm trading off with trying to get it in her mouth and just giving her a pacifier to chew on, but when she's flushed and won't chew on anything I don't know exactly what else to do for her.

Luckily the teething isn't throwing off her sleep too much - she's waking up earlier in the morning and has sort of been cutting her naps short, but those are minor symptoms compared to the drool, the obvious pain she's in...and the really painful bite she's got going on. 

Experienced mamas, got any advice for me?

Have you all heard of the photographer from the 50s and 60s, Vivian Maier? If you're just discovering her, like I did this week, click here to her website and check out the fantastic photos she's got. She was the "pioneer" of what they call street photography nowadays, aka she took pictures of everyday life.

Of course if you read Verily as religiously as I do, you've already discovered her website. Here are some of my favorites that I've seen in her galleries (available online!).

all photos copyright Vivian Maier/Maloof Collection, accessed here
My friend Ashley and I went to the pre-sale of a locally-run consignment sale this week. It was fantastic. This sale is almost exclusively volunteer-based, and they have fantastic stuff because they have really great strict rules about what kinds of items can be brought in to be sold.

She and I both consigned a few items so we could get in to the pre-sale, and holy crap was it worth it! I spent $113 and got all this stuff: (35 items)

Some of my favorite things:

Since I got 35 items total, that makes the average price for each item was $3.23. That included that pink dress above, which is Polo brand, a Skip Hop diaper bag, a maternity top (for future use!! don't get all excited), and plenty of items that were still new-with-tags. 

The bargain hunter in me was pretty ecstatic.

I haven't left the house all week, so later today I am going to Target. By myself. It's gonna be awesome. 

What are you up to this week? linking up with Jen as usual!


  1. Honey bear, you can totally pull off a motojacket. If I can do it, anyone can. It being practical, though... that's a whole other issue. We ride a lot, so, you know, practical for me. Extra zippered pockets can hold baby wipes? Or pacifiers? Or emergency stashes of chocolate?

  2. I. Love. Consignment sales. I'm headed to one tomorrow and I'm pretty psyched, although intimidated at the prospect of carrying everything by myself while a million weeks pregnant...

    And I'm so torn on moto jackets - I think you could definitely pull one off, but I feel like it would have to be the *right* kind of faux leather so that you didn't feel silly? I'm definitely not brave enough to go there!

  3. I love this!! Next time they do that sale I need to take you with me because I found NOTHING! :)


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