not a fashion blogger {eShakti review}

Hi y'all. Another big bad sponsored post - I received the dress in return for writing the review, but of course all opinions are my own. 

dress: eShakti
shoes: ancient - Jessica Simpson
sweater: Gap, ancient - stole from Caitlin
necklace: Target

Guys, I am not a fashion blogger.
Most days I wear gym shorts and a tshirt to work - which is my computer in my basement. And often times that outfit gets spit up on. I might go for the occasional pair of jeans on a date night, or put on a nice pair of slacks and a blouse for Sunday Mass. 

But then eShakti contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review one of their dresses and I said, why not? So here I am, venturing into uncharted territory. Bear with me.

I've been a pseudo-fan of eShakti since I discovered them searching for dresses on a whim a few years ago. (what can I say, I'm great at internet browsing but never purchasing). But I never found an occasion to buy one for, so they slipped to the back of my mind. Stupid of me! eShakti has customizable dresses - aka every dress you buy can be sized to your exact specifications. Genius, right? 

I picked out this dress because I realized the only black dress I had in my possession was one I wore to our Winter Formal dress when I was a sophomore in high school...aka I probably purchased it somewhere in the timeframe of November to December of 2006. That is 8 years ago, people. It was shameful. And every girl needs a little black dress, right? This one hit the spot. It's got plenty of ruffles on the front to avoid the boring-aspect and a bow that can tie in the front or the back. Plus it has pockets. I love it. 

On almost every dress they offer, eShakti can also change or modify the sleeve length, dress length, and remove the pockets (although why would you want to, let's be honest here - pockets in dresses are the best thing since sliced bread). They do customize every dress to your preference, and have expanded their inventory a ton recently to include skirts, tops, and pants now, too! But how about these gorgeous dresses?

here, here, and here
each one customizable sleeve lengths, too!
eShakti was generous enough to give me a coupon code - use the code gokienotes at checkout before September 26th to receive 10% off your order! And if you're a new customer they have a site-wide coupon going on right now that gives you $25 gift coupon towards your first purchase. Pretty amazing, right? Pretty sure I'll be sneaking back around a few times when wedding season hits this Christmas.

Thanks for tolerating this non-fashion-blogger's first foray into the world of having my husband take pictures of me in front of our garage for my blog. How about a cute baby picture to reward you? :)

we love to match!



  1. You look so great! What a great concept for a store...I love customizable things :)

  2. Thank you for the introduction to eShatki, Hannah! Nice pick on the LBD :)


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