7QT #24: renos, TV, and old photos

Oh hey, Friday! there you are! finally.

Grace's post about all things TV this fall made me so excited for shows and television in general. So here's what I'm watching this year.

Parenthood: obviously, because you have already seen my opinions on the greatest drama ever
Grey's Anatomy: because I binge-watched 9 season or however many there are and I'm not a quitter
The Mindy Project: once I get caught up because I love Mindy Kaling
Parks and Rec: because AMY POEHLER, for gosh sakes, and David and I are going to catch up real quick-like once the last-year's-season goes on Netflix (I think today?)
New Girl: again, once we binge watch last year's season (thank you Netflix!)
Doctor Who: because it's the best show ever created, and there are finally new episodes!
Downton Abbey: once we have a snow day David and I are going to curl up on the couch and burn through the 3 seasons we haven't seen

I'm also hankering for some good quality BBC shows to watch so here's what I've seen are supposed to be good:
Death Comes to Pemberley (Jenna Coleman! Darcy! anything Jane Austen!)
The Escape Artist
Call the Midwife
Broadchurch (Season 2! yayyyy! Season 1 was fantastic)

Onto something a little more in-depth, and less embarassingly revealing of how much TV I watch...

I am crowdsourcing this problem David and I have with our one bathroom in our house. We need more storage, preferably some of the under-the-sink kind.

please excuse how grimy the floor looks...it's not that dirty, I promise
stupid iPhone photos
so, as you can see, we'd like to add some storage under there. We've considered buying a new vanity with sink included, which would be the logical choice...except even the skinniest vanity in the world covers up part of the vent in the room, which kind of sucks.

We added some shelves above the toilet:

But as you can see, they're being used to hold random things, instead of being organized and cute AND functional like we had in mind when we put them up.

Any suggestions for me, on either problem? I have baskets that we could use on the shelves, but not enough of one type/shape of thing to really make them organizing-useful.

How does one transition into being an adult when it comes to hairdos? I have a hard time leaving my hair down, always have - I'm a big top-knot, side-pony, chignon girl because I'm too lazy to blow dry my hair...especially since most of the time it turns into a big ball of fuzz when I do.

Do I just like take the plunge and start leaving it down? Do I use some sort of product? The only thing I use religiously around these parts is Moroccan hair oil, when I know I'm going to straighten my hair. Any curly-haired girls got some advice for me?

We found our old engagement photos and I am amazed at how different I think we look already! I think we took them in October of 2012, or somewhere around there. Levi Baus, one of our college friends, was our photographer - check out his site for some great photos! (also if you search long enough, you can find our engagement photos, wedding photos, and night photography, and also pics of my sister...haha!)

I think I've had a cup of iced coffee every morning this week. Am I becoming a coffee addict?
Time will only tell.
But let's be real, I'm going to keep drinking it because it's delicious.

The weather here teased us with some lovely fall temps the past couple weeks, but this week the high has been sweaty-and-humid 82° every. stinkin. day. I already got all my sweaters and jeans out of the closet...and now I'm just staring at them longingly, wishing I could actually wear them without going crazy.

I'm also drooling over this dress:

I need a dress for Caitlin's rehearsal dinner in November, and even though this isn't exactly nursing or pumping friendly, I'm still considering it. Plus, with leggings or tights it can be classed up or down so many ways!

This weekend is going to be a full one for us. We've got friends coming in from out of town, a Husker Catholic tailgate to attend, a Husker football game to watch (of course! #GBR), house projects to finish, and I think I have the most laundry buildup I've had since we moved in.

What are you doing this weekend? I hope it's a good one! Linking up with Jen @ Conversion Diary as per usual!
Pax tecum, everyone --


  1. The next season of Parks and Rec hits Netflix soon!!?!? Ah! We've been binge watching that one. And by "watching," I mean, "Having it on while I fold laundry and Zeke surfs Craigslist."

    That dress is so cute. And the one thing I love most about my big bathroom is the built-in giant storage unit thing.... which is a huge improvement from our last house. How bout a little roll-y cart thing? Too tall?

  2. That dress!!! I saw it on The Mom Edit. I want it, too, but ahhhh can't reach the boobs!! I suppose you could just pull everything up... Not like I'm nursing in public at all these days (squirmy child.... it's just not ideal). Sort of related, I'm also loving those red boots.

  3. You should try The Paradise on Netflix! I found it to be better than Downton and I love that show :-) It starts out a little bit slow but it's SO good!

  4. It took me FOREVER to figure out grown-up hairstyles... Do you have someone who cuts your hair who can recommend good products for you? When my hair went wavy/curly I had NO idea what to do with it to battle the frizz when it's down! I've liked Catwalk Curl Cream and something else called Kinky Waves I think? Mostly I wear it up in a flexi clip when it's wet, sleep on it damp and then in the morning it's nice and wavy and I can wear it down for a few days without it getting greasy. Then it's back up in the flexi clip!

  5. Hannah, would you have the space to build something like this in your bathroom? Cute and practical, right?!


  6. As far as styling your hair, have you tried using a diffuser after applying product? A diffuser is a blow dryer attachment for use with curly hair. I have found that showering at night after the babe is asleep works well for me - it optimizes morning time. I wash my hair, leave it wet (do not towel dry, it creates frizz) but wring out the water, apply product, then diffuse until almost dry. The products I use are Rusk wired cream and hairspray. I like them, but am exploring other options - possibly a mousse. I just recently heard good things about the Victoria's Secret so sexy style products. May be worth trying out. I think they're a little pricey though.

  7. I'm the worst at hair but I've found doing either of these once a week encourages me to wear it down to look a little more presentable at times. 1: giving myself a mini blow out. It takes me about 20 minutes, which I know is probably a lot for a mom, but it lasts a few days and leaves my hair so soft and not frizzy. I love this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmzdmEjUhbk) tutorial for one. And 2: I tried this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6u6MlQRLYk) tutorial this week and then added some cheap texturizing spray (http://www.garnierusa.com/products/styling/texturizing/Spray/De-Constructed-Texture-Tease.aspx) which has helped it last 3 days already, even after wearing it up in a ponytail and top knot. It still looks pretty good if I put my hair down!


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