Monday shenans

Monday shenanigans, aka a blog post about a bunch of things I have no other place to put. Hooray!

First off, I am seriously in love with the Blessed Is She ministry. If you haven't researched it yet, you should sincerely go to their website and sign up for their daily devotional. Talk about a fantastic idea - the daily scripture plus a devotional sent to your inbox every morning? I officially have no excuse not to keep up with the readings this way. And you don't either anymore.

Also they sent out a phone background with one of their recent emails so this loveliness is gracing my home screen now. Beautiful right?

This weekend we spent some time in Columbus working on adding a patio to a property that my in-laws own and manage. It was approximately 58° outside and cloudy most the day, so it was really actually nice spending time outside.

The only problem was the stones were approximately each the weight of a small cow, which made laying them and rearranging them and leveling them a super pain in the rear end. Good workout, but made for an absolutely exhausting day.

Kate was a dream the whole day, though, being happy and enjoying watching us all day with barely a peep of complaint. She watched and got cutely swaddled up in a sweatshirt because we still don't have any sort of outerwear for her...especially since the cold weather just suddenly hit us with no warning.

Then we got blessed with a beautiful sunset to grace our night. How wonderful is this? (couldn't do no filter, sorry)

It was a great weekend, and now I'm back to normal everyday life aka working when Kate takes a 4 hour nap. Genius baby right?

How was your Monday?


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