Long weekend recap

Who doesn't love a good long weekend recap-type-post? I for one do...so here you go, future me, reading back on my blog in the year 2050 when you're retired and missing having babies around. {how about that for a post intro?}

This Labor Day weekend was probably the busiest one I've ever had. I don't remember much about last year's, but this year tops them all!

On Friday Kate and I went on a shopping spree. And by spree I mean I went to Target and Old Navy and it was very nice because there weren't many shoppers out at 9 a.m. on a Friday morning. Praise the Lord for that because I still cannot get the hang of pushing our stroller through a door that doesn't open automatically. All ye experienced moms, got any tips for me? I'm doing the awkward "pull door open, walk in front and try and yank the thing through the door" move now and it's kinda awful. #firstworldproblems

Via Jenny's recommendation I bought these jeans at Old Navy, and trust me when I say that she did the perfect job of hyping them up. If you are in the mood for a perfectly-stretchy pair of black jeans that come up high but not too high, these are it, my friend. Do yourself a favor and get yer butt over there and buy some! I also got me some tunic-y shirts at Target and a lovely drapey cardigan. Can you tell I'm ready for fall?

Then we took our weekly trip to Menards (you think I'm joking...but I'm not) and got supplies for some projects we're working on and some storage shelves for the basement. I think the employees at Menards are starting to worry about us...and definitely recognize us...because we spend so much time (=money) there.
We're hoping a scene like this is in our near future...fingers crossed!
Then we went home, did some quick packing, and went to celebrate my baby sister's 18th birthday. Too crazy that the littlest one in our family is already 18 years old and will be going to college next year. Where does time go? After her bday celebration, we drove to Columbus to spend some time with David's godparents who were in town from Arizona for the weekend.

Nebraska in one picture: corn + football gear.

We played golf in the morning and then watched the Huskers demolish Florida Atlantic 55 to 7, a game which included the craziest catch I've ever seen live on a football game - catching the ball behind his back! (only beating out the same player's catch last year from a ridiculous bouncing Hail Mary play):

Then we drove back to Lincoln where David went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and I crashed at home. On Sunday morning we went to Mass, went grocery shopping (oh the glamorous glamorous life we lead), came home and hung out with a friend who had stayed the night, and then spent the rest of the afternoon working on the house and yard and cleaning up everything that was crazy messy. We had a celebratory long-weekend dinner at Raisin' Cane's (to which we are ridiculously regular customers) and then spent the evening watching old Doctor Who and playing Catan - I won 2 out of the 3 games so I was declared victorious.

Monday morning we got up and David cleaned and organized the basement. We just recently acquired a new-to-us fridge to replace the super old one that came with the house, so we moved our old one to the basement and officially designated it a man cave, complete with two TVs, a now-working N64, an XBOX, and speaker system. David worked really really hard on it and is very pleased with the results. We still don't have cable but when we get it, we are going to have plenty of college-football-watching parties down here!

world's heaviest-duty coffee table
so many appliances, so much fun

After we finished some of that up, we dropped Kate off at my parents' and went to our first movie since she's been born! We missed out seeing Guardians of the Galaxy with David's family a couple weeks ago, so his mom paid for us to go together (so sweet). They've got this new setup at the biggest theater in Lincoln where one theater is full of automatic recliners, with no additional charge for the movie ticket. As we were walking up, I was telling David that we'd have to plan on going to a movie on that screen sometime soon...and lo and behold, the 4:30 show for Guardians was in that theater! It was luxury, let me tell you. We even got popcorn & pop, which I don't think we've EVER done before as a couple. It was awesome.

We drove home, skyped with David's brother Michael, ate some dinner, did some furniture rearranging (which deserves its own post so I'm going to skip it here), and then crashed at 10:00. It was an EXHAUSTING weekend but so so awesome. And the second best part? It's only a 4 day week now!

What did you do this weekend? Was it as crazy as ours?? :)


  1. Lol'd at the cinderblock coffee table. Very heavy duty, indeed!

  2. That sounds like fun! We did way to much labour and not enough fun this weekend! No one warned us having a house means so many projects!!! But we will have to get out to a movie soon because now in craving popcorn. What did you think of guardians of the Galexy?


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