Working overtime is worth it

...when you get to reward yourself with fancy grown-up toys afterward!

Please excuse our really messy bedroom - we're getting ready to leave for a long weekend in our room is never really "clean" except for the hour after I clean it each weekend. 
But I digress.

We finally bought a camera! Yes, we were camera-less before this. (My birthday present from 2000 finally quit on me last year, poor baby.)

I was/have been convinced for a long time that we needed a camera before Baby Gokie got here. I love looking at pictures of myself when I was a baby, and I didn't want to short our child of that opportunity. D and I both have iPhones but the pictures are just not the same, you know? So I was insistent that we get a camera before he/she arrived.

David wasn't as convinced, and since he's the money man in our relationship, we made a compromise - if I worked overtime enough to pay for one, we could get a camera. Et voila! Camera. (Somehow the fact that he buys a new tool every time we go to Menards wasn't a factor in our discussion, although I'm convinced it should have been. Boys...)

I pretended that my old bear Jickey was a baby for awhile and "posed" him for practice.
I'm pregnant, don't judge me too harshly.
Now I've been reading and researching ferociously online about how to shoot with something that doesn't also make phone calls, and I even started a new Pinterest board on newborn/baby photo shoot ideas.

I'm a woman obsessed. 

don't worry, I wasn't going to leave you without a bump shot! 31.75 weeks!

If you've got any good recommendations on tutorials or video series, shoot (teehee) them my way! I'm always open to suggestions. I'm obviously a newbie when it comes to cameras and such so I'd love any advice you've got.


  1. Ah! Cool new camera!! That's so happy. Have fun learning with it!


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