Late night blogging

Let's be honest, there's probably a reason why most people don't blog after like 10:00 p.m.
Because most people are in bed then. Or at least doing something more interesting than staring at their computer screens, trying to come up with something to write while ignoring the earthquake in their stomach.

Not me!

Currently David is out with some friends at places where one consumes alcohol, and I was feeling sick so I decided to go home and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Then Baby Gokie decided it was a great time to have a party in my womb, so much so that he/she is shaking the rafters in there.

bumpity bump bump

I'm not kidding, my stomach is shaking back and forth from how excited and worked up it is. Multiple sides of the "room" at the same time, and ferociously punching the walls, as it were. It's kinda crazy. The baby, not my stomach. [Hard to consistently refer to the baby as a genderless being because pronouns are helpful, no? Hard but worth it.]

So currently I'm stalking some mama blogs, reading more birth stories, and trying to figure out a way to calm the baby down enough so I could get some sleep, for goodness's sake. (Goodness sake? Goodness sake's? I never know what the right use of that phrase is. And I was an English major. Shameful, I know.)

Though I would love to continue this riveting post, I am now going to try to walk around a little bit in an attempt to lull the little one back to sleep, and then quick hop in bed and try to fall asleep before he/she wakes up again. We've got some golfing and breakfast plans for tomorrow, and I'd like to be mostly awake for them if I can.

If you're up and about like I am, know that I sympathize. And that I just cannot WAIT til the reason I'm up and about is in my arms with a sweet baby smell to envelop me. It juuuuust might be worth it then. :)