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Because who doesn't love a TMI post about little babies and the weird things your body does when you're growing one inside you??

nope, not twins. only one bebe in there

1. I've been binge-reading birth stories lately. Grace's linkup is a lifesaver for an anxious mom-to-be like me, who often has too much time on her hands. I think I can get through all 263 (!!!263 babies!!!) by the time May 23rd comes, don't you?

I love especially reading all the different ways/experiences all mamas have with gettin' babies out into the world. I'm trying not to be too control-freak-like when it comes to planning what's gonna happen when Bebe decides to come, so I like reading about all my options and seeing what all these other moms had planned vs. what actually happened. Obviously I have some "best-case-scenario" hopes (short labor, no epidural, etc...) but I'm not banking on having them come true because I hate being wrong more than I hate changing plans at the last minute. Therefore - no plan, no disappointment!

2. Baby G has been doing some cute tricks this last week - if I pat/tap the side of my belly when he/she is moving around, they'll respond by kicking back at the exact same spot. A couple times yesterday they matched the numbers of pats and kicks, too!

I also finally got baby to respond to a light on my stomach this morning, kicking exactly wherever I put my phone-light. SO cute. And sometimes SO unbelievable that the little thing inside me is able to respond so intelligently.

3. I've been having a harder time sleeping as every day passes, between waking up in a gross full-body sweat (told you, TMI) even when we set our heater at 58°, to major spinal pain if I don't switch sides during the night about 9,000 times (lucky David!). As per usual, the nightly and sometimes twice-nightly trips to the bathroom don't help with the solid night of sleep either. Small sacrifices, I know, but still annoying when I dream back on the dead-like sleep I used to get before pregnancy. Sigh.

I couldn't bring myself to buy one of these...so I'm using a regular pillow.
4. David and I are slowly narrowing down our list of names - we have a boy's name (first and middle) pretty much decided on, and the girl's first name, but still debating the middle name. I am getting more and more impatient for baby to get here because I want to share the names we have. I am probably pretty biased but I think they're awesome [says every new mom ever, I know]

5. We've also been debating for the last month at least on how to pick godparents for the little one. Does anyone have any advice in that arena? We have lots of options but can't decide. If you advice for us please share!

In other pregnant news, sending up prayers for Katie, who's been diagnosed with preeclampsia & put on bedrest, and for her husband as they have to get ready for baby a lot sooner than anticipated. I am ready to be done being pregnant (for now) but certainly not in circumstances like that. Send her a line of support if you get the chance.

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  1. A tip on the pregnancy pillow - even a king sized pillow or an inexpensive body pillow - the long, skinny ones - will really help. If you can sew, you can make your own using fabric you might already have. I had serious hip pain unless I used a pillow! For godparents... we chose from family members that we considered faithful Catholics. IN our case, all were raising kids so we had evidence of what a priority they made of the faith for their family.

  2. I just read about 10 birth stories in a row. Some sound really scary! eek!

  3. Not even pregnant, but that pillow looks divine. Just sayin'. Oh, and I also love me a good birth story. I just usually cry at the end. Seriously. I had to stop reading them at work!

  4. I love birth stories too! As the previous commenter said, they almost always make me tear up. :)

    Just remember that the "worst case scenario" ones are NOT LIKELY to happen to you. Those make good stories but they are not the norm. So honestly, don't expect a disaster. It probably won't be "disastrous" in the least. You have to go with the flow because you can't predict how things will progress, and sure it'll hurt, but you can totally do this. :) I went into labor figuring it would be fine... and it was. And I am no superwoman, either! Go you!


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