Five Faves: beauty supplies

Because I'm a vain and vapid woman who can't think about anything other than beauty products & nail polish on a daily basis (heeeeavy sarcasm intended), I thought I'd do a five-beauty-product-favorites this week, because why the heck not?

Plus I always turn to bloggers like Grace and Carolyn and Jenna when I'm in need of a new spring in my beauty step...blogs are where it's at for beauty product recs, yo.

1. Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara

Both Grace and Dwija have posted about the wonders of this mascara in the past, but I am here to reiterate their statements: this is by far the best mascara I've ever tried. I used to think that all mascara around the $6-$8 range was created equal. Oh ho ho, was I WRONG. This mascara kicks all other mascara butts in mascara-offs.

Of course it's not listed online so I can't remember exactly what I paid for it at Target last time but it's around $7 and it's lovely. It seriously stays soft on your lashes and prevents that annoying "my eyelashes are sticking together" conundrum, and it's not too crazy full. When I want to party, I put on two coats and I'm golden. It doesn't flake off or pull off, but washes super easy. (I think they even make a waterproof kind, but don't quote me on that.) All in all, grand prize winner in mascara-land.

2. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer

I tan pretty easily in the summer - I hardly ever use sunscreen and I got my first official sunburn in Mexico on our honeymoon...yeah, that was fun. I always thought products like these that promised you results were a load of c-r-a-p. Until my then-roommates Caitlin & Katherine convinced me to try this one. I was an instant convert.

This lotion does a great job of taking your skin from a "hibernating albino bear" to an "active normal person" level when you've been cooped up inside for an entirely too long Nebraska winter. I have rather olive-y skin thanks to my father, so I use the medium-to-tan skintone one and it works like a charm. It not only graaadually changes your skin so you don't look crazy but it's also just a good all-around lotion. One time I bought the firming version because it was on sale and I like that version too (although I'm pretty sure it was created for old ladies) because it makes my skin feel more elastic-y.

It's a little pricey - I think around $10.99 for one of these pump bottles but worth every penny in my book.

3. Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Hair Oil

Once again a big shoutout to Caitlin who urged me to try this stuff on my hair. My hair is naturally very curly, frizzy, and pretty much does whatever it wants. I've tried everything out there to get it to sort of stay put or get a little bit of shine in it, and nothing does the trick like this does.

I originally used it only when I knew I was going to straighten my hair later in the day, because it does a fantastic job of de-frizzing my mane so I can use 0.00% hairspray after the job's done, but I've transitioned into just using it as my only product when I wear my hair down. It gives me a nice bit of shine without being too Grease-y and weighs down my wispy bits so it looks like I tried (to most people) to look nice.

The bottle looks tiny but one bottle has lasted me approximately 10 months and it's only like $4.95 so it's totes worth it.

4. Essie Nail Polish

I know, I know, everyone in every country in the world has heard of the gloriousness of Essie nail polish. If you walk by the little display at Target it basically makes fun of you for not trying it if you haven't yet. It took me a very long time to finally bite the expensive nail polish bullet but I am so so glad I did.

Yes it's more than I was previously paying for polish (ahem the $0.99 bottles at Walgreens was my go-to for a very long time) but it pays off by: not chipping, not coming off in 1.5 days just because you wash your hands like a normal person, not being too shiny or overpowering, and coming in all the pretty colors you could imagine.

I love my dark grey & pink & red that I've got right now, and I'm itching to add more to my collection when I get the chance. $8.49 at Target is 9x what I was buying before, but 10 times worth it. (See what I did there?)

5. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Towelettes

File this again under the category of things-I-never-thought-I' you can tell I'm often very wrong about predicting my own behavior. These things are a lifesaver. For some reason the very idea of washcloths kind of disgust me (bad childhood memories? idk) so these disposable wipes are purrrfect. They smell good and take off all your makeup in one fell swoop without falling apart under a little pressure.

They're listed at $4.49 on Target's website but they are usually on sale, especially if you check the clearance sections or buy multiple beauty products at the same time, which you should after reading this post.

I'm obviously not a fancy enough blogger to have any of these be affiliate links so go buy these things solely on their own merit at your beauty store of choice. (I think it's safe to say that I practically live at Target, based on this post alone. Whoops.)

Joining Hallie and the rest for ye olde linkup!


  1. I love Essie polishes! Aren't the colors so pretty??

  2. I'm on the hunt for new mascara--I'm definitely going to give the Full and Soft a try!

  3. I also love Essie and hate to pay $9 for a bottle. I have a Kohl's Charge card (free to sign up.. and I normally charge my card, and then immediately write a check for the same amount so I never actually have a bill. They let you do both transactions quickly at checkout.) ANYWAY, if you have a charge card, they send you 15-30% off coupons at least once a month .. that work on anything in the store. So you can buy Essie nail polish for only $6 instead of $9. Total steal in my opinion since that stuff never goes on sale.

  4. I love a good beauty product review :)


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