Look at baby Hannah

Because I love embarrassing recaps of other peoples' lives on the internet, and because one of my friends from college just commented on a photo of me from 2009 (yes, you'll get to see it, promise), I thought I'd make my own here seriously shameful collage here.

And to make you happy, I'm ordering it year-by-year, so you can see just how long it took for me to start looking/acting like a normal person.

[Forgive me for some of these. I would say that I wasn't really this weird...but... you literally now have photographic evidence that I was. Yikes.]


This was one of the first photos tagged of me on Facebook. Junior in high school, being a big rebel and jumping in the "NO WADING" pool on UNL's campus. 

That's me with two of my cross country pals, Norah (left) and Bridget (in the back with the fishy face). I think I wore that tshirt more than any other piece of clothing I've ever owned. 


Yup, that's Caitlin in the front, in a Snuggie, no less, and me doing something bizarre with my hands in the dark background. Isn't the internet wonderful?

I had NO idea this picture even existed. That's Katherine on the left, the first time we actually hung out - we lived across the hall from each other, and then both went on a FOCUS-sponsored camping trip. We've been friends ever since and this still very accurately represents our relationship. [P.S. Do you like my tie-die giraffe shirt that says "Happy Birthday" on it??]

Kelly, you didn't think you'd get away without showing up here did you? 2009 was a quality year for post-Husker-game photo ops. In the dark. After sweating through 90° games for 5+ hours in the hot sun.

Less embarrassing photographic evidence that I went through a HUGE tie-die phase. What was I thinking? Also isn't Caitlin adorable??


This is me + my 3 roommates from sophomore year...in a very attractive picture of all of us, obviously. Don't we look young and free of care?

I'm including this photo to mainly beg the internet's help in finding these flip flops again...they were the best things I've ever bought. Target circa 2010. Somebody's gotta have them still, right? 

I don't think big goofy bangs were in in 2010, but apparently that didn't stop me.

We dressed up as men for Halloween that year. [left to right: bro, gangster, nerd, hipster]. Nuff said.


The first photo of David & me by ourselves I found on my FB. Before a dance, I think? 

Family vacation, and apparently STILL in my tie-die phase. YIKES SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME.

We dressed up as Jim & Pam that year for Halloween. Nailed it, right?


David and me on our first family vacation together. It was sunny, I think.

Abbey Road mixed with jumping picture? Roommate picture from my senior year...love these girls.

One time we tried to rescue a dog that was lost, and he spent the night at our house. In a house full of college girls near the end of the semester. AKA we did zero homework that night.

Okay, I think that's enough for now. Plus 2013 is like just last year so I can't really call that "nostalgic" yet. Hope you enjoyed this random collage of photos. I laughed my head off compiling them!