wearing: this Liz Lange maternity tee from Target & these Gap maternity jeans I've raved about previously
eating: a delicious Fuji apple from the grocery store yesterday, and the box of Cheeze-Its I unearthed in our pantry at lunch...yay!
pondering: if it would be worth it to upgrade our internet subscription, because working from home makes waiting for projects to download really frustrating and eats up a looot of my time
wanting: to be able to shop in non-maternity sections again. I'm dying over the new J.Crew spring/summer catalog & almost caught myself drooling when I wandered through the summer clothes at Target. I'm not all selfish but part of me wants the baby to get here soon so I can start wearing normal things again!
excited about: the windows for the nursery coming in this week, and hopefully getting the baby's room really done and put together by the end of March...a girl can dream, right?
thanking: my wonderful husband who both reads my blog and does all the dishes and does his very best to understand and empathize with my crazy pregnancy hormones
watching: Grey's Anatomy (I've burned through 8 seasons in an embarrassingly short amount of embarrassing that I'm not even going to mention it) and the 8th season of the Office, for the second or third time, with D
drinking: tons of water thanks to the best Christmas present ever and Twinnings Black Mixed Berry Tea, which I've been rationing because you can't buy it anywhere in Lincoln so the next time I run out, I have to order online
anticipating: our very first Lamaze class tonight...eep...and the return of warm weather!
sewing: hopefully within the next week the curtains for the nursery, and my nesting hormones are kicking in because I'm also contemplating getting our bedroom new curtains and some basket liners for the new shelves in our bathroom
listening to: a claude debussey album because I exhausted my country playlist for the week by 11 a.m. this morning and needed a change. Jake Owen to Debussey was drastic enough, right?
feeling: baby kicks like crazy when I bend forward at my desk for too long...apparently the little one doesn't like having his/her head squished by me attempting to read my computer screen
drooling over: this mixed pattern tee from anthropologie, and trying to decide if I could alter something I own like it? or maybe I could go daring and even pull this off?

hoping: you all have a wonderful Monday!


  1. You are quite possibly THEE cutest pregnant person I've ever seen! I'm so so excited for you!!!


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