Spring has...sprung?

Gosh, I sure hope it has, anyway. Yesterday was 60, and today the high is 73. Can you even believe it? I'm counting down the hours until I can crack open my windows and let the breeze mess my desk up while I continue to work.

If it were more green/springlike outside, I'd put some pictures up. But everything in our neighborhood is still brown and icky, so I won't bore you with blah photos.

Instead I'll update you on the nursery's progress! It's been awhile since I posted about it, so here's what we've done (in total):
1. Tore down plaster/lathe walls
2. Installed insulation (there was NONE before)
3. Installed drywall
4. Wired and put in ceiling fan and light in closet
5. Primed & painted
6. Bought, cut, & painted trim
7. Installed trim (including old baseboard)
Left to do:
1. Install new windows when they come in
2. Sew & install curtains
3. Finish furnishing 
Here's some pictures to prove what we've done:

from the nursery looking into our living room

back left corner of the nursery, and our crib mattress

Don't it look purty? I promise even though these photos make it look completely different, the wall color is the same throughout the whole room.

We've also been updating the bathroom, because our house didn't have an exhaust fan in the only bathroom in the whole house. (who in the heck knows why). That meant we (cough David cough) had to re-drywall the ceiling after installing a new light fixture/fan combo, so we had to paint the walls as well. I decided to go crazy and paint the ceiling + a couple inches down the walls a blue as well, to match the tile in the tub and because I like blue.

Just last night, David installed the trim separating the two, and I LOVE it. It turned out much better than I even imagined...and I had pretty high hopes.

We're hoping the windows get here in the next few days, so we can finish the nursery and breathe a sigh of relief, since the baby's due date is approaching quickly!!

For funzies here's a bump shot:
excuse the water marks on the mirror. gross.
also I'm wearing shorts already, don't judge me.
I'm at 29 weeks, and baby's getting stronger and more aggressive every day. He/she really likes to kick and jump on my bladder still, and is just more active in there all around. I've been craving lots of fruits - apples and grapes mainly, with an occasional hankering for chocolate cupcakes. I've started to feel more tired in the last few weeks, which apparently comes with third trimester status.

How was your weekend? I'm already looking forward to the next one, which for us is gonna include some high school basketball games, my dad's birthday party, and more nice weather. Yay!