March Goals

February is FINALLY over -- hooray!! The shortest month always seems to drag on the longest for me, and this year wasn't any exception. With bitterly cold weather I'm not sad to say goodbye to February and hello to March, an infinitely better and hopefully warmer month.

Since it's a new month, time for me to update my goals on ye olde blogge.
But first I have to see how I did for February, right?

February Goals:
1. Craft like a crazy person (including baby quilt, embroidery, QOV stitch project, etc.):I did almost all of my to-do items for this goal! I started and finished the baby's quilt, which you can see here. I finished 3 embroidery projects, including one for Cari's project for Quilts of Valor.
2. Finish baby's room (including mudding, sanding, painting, crib, etc.):Again, almost all of this got completed during February! We (and by we I mean David, of course) got the mudding and sanding done pretty quickly, and then we painted. We're now waiting for new windows to come in, and working on last details for the room to be complete, including baseboard, repainting the doors/trim, and doing a deep cleaning. We also ordered a crib (this one, if you're curious) which should be here in the next week. 

3. Keep baby healthy (including classes, paperwork, smoothie-making, etc.):I finally filled out our pre-registration forms for the hospital, registered for a Lamaze class and hospital tour which both start in the next couple weeks, and have done some working out to keep me and baby in shape. I always have room for improvement when it comes to that, though, so this might be repeat goal for March.
4. Celebrate our 3-year "anniversary" (dating, not marriage):We had a ton of fun celebrating together. We actually went out on Valentine's Day...without a reservation...and only had to wait for a table for half an hour! It was a blast. Hard to believe we've been together for 3 years already!
5. Keep up with correspondence:I forgot to send out Valentine's/Galentine's Day cards, but managed to write and respond to a few letters this month. 
Not bad for the worst month of the year. Now onto March!

March Goals

1. Observe Lent with a sense of hope
Ever since my reversion to the faith in college, I've loved observing Lent (I always wanna type "celebrate" but that's sort of the opposite of the point, isn't it?). My spiritual life has been sort of cast off recently, so I'm looking forward to Lent to spend some time with Jesus in a more intentional way every day. I haven't decided my sacrifices, but I'm thinking some reading, hopefully more visits to Jesus in person, and giving up some pregnancy craving.

2. Prepare for baby
My doctor said at our last appointment that really the baby could come at any point now, which sort of terrified me by realizing how unready we are! This month I am hoping to:
          finish baby's room
          decorate walls
          buy carseat and have it installed
          keep reading anything & everything baby-related
          work out (see here for what I'll be doing!)
          start on baby announcements/baby book

3. Be intentional about my time
Now that I'm in my third trimester, I'm starting to feel some of those first-trimester symptoms again: tiredness, achy body parts, and lots of other things that I won't mention here. This means that when I get a free moment, I end up asleep on the couch. This month I'd like to try to be more intentional about my time, because when I nap the day gets away and then it's time for bed! If I keep this goal in mind through the whole month, hopefully it'll help me keep on top of my goals and feel less guilty when I do plan time for naps throughout the week.

March is a busy month for us -- friends like Caitlin visiting, baby classes, baby showers, appointments, etc. Hopefully this list of goals will help me not see it whiz by me when I come to post on April 1.

What are some of your goals for March? I'd love to hear them in the comments!
Happy planning-