To My Husband on His Birthday

Dear David,

I know I mention you a lot on this little blog, but I wanted to take the time and write a little bit for you on this, your 25th birthday. By the way - happy birthday, and congratulations! You've lived for a quarter of a century. That's a big feat, but I'm most excited for what's to come - the years we're going to spend together. Years and years of you never escaping me! (mwah ha ha haaaa)

I love you very much and I love all you do for Kitty and me. You're hardworking, hilarious, selfless, goofy, imaginative, serious when necessary, and an all-around great man. You make me better just by being around me, and I'm so grateful for that. You put up with all my crazy, you are a fantastic dad, and I don't say thank you for it enough. So -- thank you. For all of it.

I hope your birthday is amazing and I love you!

your wife,

P.S. If you see him today, wish him a happy birthday! :)


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