5 internet pet peeves

What an enticing blog post, right? #thirdworldproblems, I know, but since I do a lot of work and play on the Internet there are some things that just BUG ME.

1. Political posts

I'm a scrooge but in my opinion, there's no way to properly talk about anything as fraught as politics on the internet successfully. Especially when it comes to Facebook statuses (statii?). Even if I agree with somebody it's still so hard to communicate via a 300-word paragraph! And things can go really really wrong! The fact that election season is creeping up makes me want to hide from my Facebook feed for a long, long time. You too?

2. Google+ and my darn Blogger email profile

Does anyone else have this problem?? For some reason, approximately every other month or so, my Google profile "forgets" my email address and makes my comments on other blogs go to "no-reply," until I do the complicated process of disconnecting my profile from Google+, editing my regular Blogger profile to show my email address again, then reconnecting to Google+. (Here's a great tutorial if that sentence was confusing.)

I don't even USE Google+ that much, besides auto-sharing my posts, but it is helpful for commenting on lots of blogs so I keep it. Except for this stupid problem!! I'm not sure if it's only my blog that has this problem (for some mysterious reason?) but it's been happening for months on end now and only after I comment a few places that I know respond via email and don't get replies do I even think about checking it.

Google searches have been not helpful - trust me, I've looked. Anyone else have this problem?

3. Websites that make you login every 15 minutes

This is really a work-related problem I have, but the hosted site I use for building epubs makes me log back into the darn website every 15 minutes. Yes, 15 minutes!! Aka the time I usually spend in between times that I need to access the website.

Frustrating. And annoying. And something I've been trying to get them to fix for months, but haven't made any progress yet. "Security," or something.

4. Ads you can't skip or close out of

In this day and age, it's amazing to me that there are still ads I'm not able to opt-out of for one reason or another. I mean, I'd rather take a 5-click survey than watch some stupid perfume ad or one for DraftKings.com a-f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g-g-a-i-n. Especially on places like YouTube. I don't even watch that many things on Youtube, save for hilarious Jimmy Fallon skits and tutorials on how to do things. (Check this one out of Jimmy if you haven't seen it!!! Dumb trivia skits are my favorite.)

5. Free trials that end

Let's be honest with ourselves - this one is entirely my fault. I get hooked on a new thing that offers a free 30-day or 2-week trial, and I love love love it during that trial period. And then they get me all sad because the free trial ends! It's really just a genius marketing ploy that I fall for every. freaking. time. but it makes me sad nonetheless, and I can complain about it on my little ole blog if I want to. (Ahem, my most recent culprit is Hulu+, which even hooks to our TV. Addicting for someone who never watches TV that's going on currently, that's for sure.) (Other culprits have been Squarespace, Spotify Premium, PicMonkey...I could keep going but I won't.)

Thanks for letting me vent. :)


  1. Yes! Your comments on my blog are noreply blogger comments. Agony!!!!

    1. Testing-testing-1-2… Is my email linked up?!

  2. Ugh I hate stupid no-reply comments, too... I don't think* I'm one of those, right???


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