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So friends, I have some confessions to make.

But, the question always remains: do I blog about them?

Because here's the thing - I really love blogging. I love the community of far-away friends I've made through writing in this little space. I love spilling my guts about things we love to do. I love feeling connected to women I'd never have met other than through the internet. I love keeping up with old friends through blogs. I love posting pictures of my daughter (see end of this post).

I also really love reading back through my posts (well, most of the time) and recalling happy memories. But lately I've been feeling a little less-than-authentic on this space. Maybe it's my influx of new readers (hey y'all!) or maybe just a glitch in my writing habits...I'm not sure which. But something's been keeping me from being exactly who I am all the time.

There are things I struggle with on a daily basis that I've wanted to write about but haven't found the guts or determination to do so. Like the fact that I have really been struggling with a daily prayer life (aka mine is almost nonexistent, unless you count feverish Hail Marys when Kate won't nap). Like the fact that sometimes being a stay/work from home mom drives me absolutely BONKERS. Like how I'm sometimes not a very good in-real-life friend because I'm an introvert but I should spend more time and effort working on friendships. Like how I feel called to get more involved with my home parish but I'm scared of committing to something, or scared of feeling like we don't fit in.

All of these (and more!! oh so much more...) are things I've been musing on the past few weeks. I think God's calling my heart to be more open about them, especially here for some reason, so I'm going to make a better effort to be real in the future.

That doesn't mean you won't be subjected to millions of light-hearted weekend recaps, or stories of cute things Kate is learning, or random lists of TV shows or books I enjoy in the future. If that's why you're here, I'm happy to have you! Because those are me, too; there's just other things I need to share.

So if you become worried about me in the next few weeks, and want to avoid me like a high school acquaintance you run into at the grocery store & haven't spoken to in 5 years, I'll totally understand. Just know I appreciate you all the same.

Keep on keepin' it real, friends.

angry at me for DARING to take a photo of her...hahaha


  1. Yeah yeah yeah, let's get real! I love you, come and visit whenever the heck you can

  2. This has actually been keeping me from blogging lately! I have a completed draft sitting in my folder where I bared my soul and just ... never hit publish. I am still not sure if I wrote it from a place of honesty, or just oversharing. :-/

  3. I have been thinking similar things! Its so hard to find the balance of what to share sometimes. Praying for you and Thanks for the warning so we don't get too worried about you!

  4. Let it all out! Or maybe we all just need an overshare facebook group ;) But remember, you can always overshare and then hit delete later if you don't want it memorialized on the internet forever!

  5. Well, looking forward to whatever you post, whether it's super deep or not :)

  6. Ummmm...did you see my 7QT rant on Friday? Hahah!!

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