Fall fashion...finally

Guys, I've been dying for fall fashion for months now. After this summer, I think I'd be okay if never got above 85° here again -- I know it's not happening but I'm gonna keep dreaming anyway because I want to!

Anyways, I've been stoked to be wearing jeans, boots, cardigans, and scarves again. It might be #basic but if #basic just means super fun things that everyone should love, so be it. So I thought I'd send along my current recommendations!

First off, these jeans that just came in the mail yesterday.

They're 1969 super stretch legging jeans, but they're the perfect mix of jean & legging so you don't feel too far in either direction. They are UBER comfortable, super stretchy, and actually a darker wash than the picture shows (which was great in my book!). I wore them last night immediately after opening them and was just so so happy with them. Plus right now they're 40% off with Gap's code BOO.

10/10 will buy these and never purchase another pair of legging jeans ever again. (I'm usually a size 8/10 and I got these in medium.)

Second, blanket scarves. Y'all, I am all about the blanket scarf trend that is happening this year. I'm so happy with it because it's literally just wearing a really cute and comfy blanket around your shoulders. What could be better on a chilly fall day?

This one is what I have right now (sold online now yay and in stores from Target), which I originally saw on Sydney's blog and immediately fell in love with:

I'm eyeing a few on Etsy (like this, this, and this one, all more expensive than the Target one but soooo cute) to add to my collection. I've always been a scarf girl but I'm not very creative in how to wear them, so I'm hoping to try a few of the ideas found in this post to switch things up.

Kate's been known to take some of my scarves (or underwear, or really sweaty sports bras) and wear them around the house like scarves -- so you know I've been wearing mine a lot, even inside.

In other news, I'm in need of a new pair of booties.
Guarantee when David reads this part he will say "no you don't need another pair of boots!!"  to himself but he is just wrong.

I have a very specific idea of what I want: bootie, with low to moderate heel, in leather or fake leather, light brown but smooth finish...blah blah blah, I'm picky about my boots in other words. Here are some I've been eyeing on Zappos:
G by Guess, $80

Volatile, $70

Dirty Laundry, $70

Clarks, $160 aka out of my price range

There are lots more that I love that are like seriously out of my price range that I won't bother linking to (okay, I know Frye boots are great but $400 for one pair of booties??? crazy talk) and in reality we don't have the budget for any of the listed ones above either. Sigh. 

Problem is, my only pair of booties right now are a fancy black cheap version from Target last year that basically got destroyed with salt and de-icer, and a green pair from Target that I looooove but aren't very neutral or nice-looking, so I feel weird wearing them to church. Blah blah blah. I should try and find a cheaper version somewhere here in town, probably - a new DSW just opened up so I might head there to see if there's some other options.

Anyway, that's what I'm wearing/drooling over recently. Any fall fashion bandwagons I should jump on?


  1. THOSE JEANS! Buying right now! Thanks for the code. :)

    Also, I know Madewell booties are expensive, but they're sooooo worth the investment. Check out their Billie Boot. It's to die for! Classic, well made, beautiful. They usually have pretty big sales every few months. Just stalk them like a beast, buy when they're cheaper, and you won't regret.

    1. Wahhhhhh! Code doesn't work!! :( :( :(

    2. Oh no! Well, wait a few days and another 40% off will come through. They never wait very long between sales (thankfully!).

      I'll definitely look up those Madewell booties!

    3. Soooo apparently I was logged in to my Creighton practitioner account when I commented earlier. Haha oops. I'll be stalking those jeans for another sale!!

    4. I bought them, and I can attest . . . they're amazing! Thanks for the great rec. :)

  2. I don't do boots but I LOVE scarves! It's too bad that it STILL isn't cool enough to wear them here yet.


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