our days [currently]

Right now our days are down to a somewhat predictable rhythm. I thought I'd take a minute to write them down, because they are constant for now but I'm sure that will change soon (don't they always get messed up as soon as you're in a really good rhythm??).

Right now they go a little like this...

8:00-8:45(or 8:15 if we're lucky): Kate wakes up, comes to cuddle in bed for a few minutes, or at least until we are both awake fully, then gets changed, eats breakfast, and Daddy leaves for work

8:45: I shower while Kate entertains herself, try to look somewhat presentable

9:00-10:30: I eat breakfast, Kate plays, and I work at my computer and try not to interrupt her for fear she'll get clingy & not let me work anymore

10:30-12:00: Kate naps easily and quickly, so I can work in peace, OR we spend an hour and half battling about her morning nap, frustrations on both sides as you can imagine

12:00: Kate and I eat lunch, me at my desk while still working, Kate in her high chair

12:30-3:30: I work at my desk, Kate pushes various wheeled toys around, empties her bookshelf of books, dumps toys all over the house, rips up napkins when she can find them, and I try to let her play as independently as possible (aka I don't interrupt her if she's being quiet, even though there's a high likelihood she's destroying something while doing it)

3:30-5:00: Kate naps, usually dependent on how good (or bad) the morning's nap was. If David's working late that night I work out now, or if he's not then I spend this time working as fast and as furiously as I can

5:00-6:30: Daddy's still usually at work, Kate has a snack and lots of days an episode or two of Octonauts, I keep working if there's more to be done or try to wrangle some idea for dinner (aka take chicken out of the freezer to defrost, wayyyyy too late in the day), or I clean up a tiny portion of her destruction from the work day, then dada gets home

6:45-7:30: If I didn't earlier, I work out now, Kate eats dinner, watches mama & dada clean up her messes, takes a bath, reads a book, and is in bed by 7:30

7:30-10:00: David and I eat/finish cooking then eat dinner, do various chores around the house (or procrastinate them for the weekends), watch TV, crash in bed around 10:00.


All of this fluctuates a LOT depending on David's work schedule - this is based on a good day. Sometimes multiple times in the week David works past 10 or 11 p.m., which is hard for me single parenting but good for his business. Some days he travels far away so he wakes up at 5 a.m. to be on the road, and those days are the longest. Some days Kate is super fussy all day during the day and I have to spend the hours after she goes to bed catching up on work because she's needed my attention all day. But, because we both make our own schedules, we try to get our work hours in early in the week and spend Friday afternoons together, so our weekends are a little longer than most.

I was reminiscing the other day about how easy it was to get my work done when Kate was a newborn - sure, I had to take a lot more small breaks to nurse her, but she just sat there contentedly watching me when she wasn't sleeping (and she did a LOT of that - sleeping). I think in some ways I'm still adjusting to working with a toddler in the mix, which sometimes makes for a Target-break-needing mama by the end of the week.

But I want to appreciate this while I've got it, because I know not everyone gets the luxury of staying at home with their sweet cutie pie toddler and working at the same time.


  1. Your right, as soon. As it seems like things have settled into a nice rythym, something always changes! But its nice to look back on how things were, and it sounds like you found some good ways to get lots of work done! Impressive! Glad she still (even if only sometimes) naps twice a day!


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