7QT #43: growing pains, Ben Rector, & baby hacks

Another week gone by, another random post gathered up for you. Linking up with Kelly!

This girl, I tell ya.

I'm learning (and really, she's also learning) the ins and outs of her personality as she gets older and develops more into the toddler she is.

Right now it's a lot of random bits of needing-me-to-pick-her-up, even if it's only been 5 minutes since the last session. Lots of outdoor time because it tires her out (win-win-win). Food like RIGHT NOW when she gets hungry or all heck breaks loose. Consistent nap times and bedtimes.

It's a learning curve and we're figuring it out as we go (in super adorable baby overalls, yes please).

Do you listen to Ben Rector? I didn't used to but I've been really hooked on his new album lately. My current favorite from the album is this one:

Fear by Ben Rector - link here if you can't see the video

He's just got a way with writing lyrics that kind of just hit you in the gut and make you think - without being too pushy or obnoxious.

Something I'm not usually into but ran across the other day - this article about motherhood, feminism, and all it entails written by a UND alumnus.

It's long but worth the effort. I've been thinking about it even still 5 or so days later, and that's usually a good sign. Right? :)

I'm 2 days away from being 5 weeks done with Insanity. Thank goodness this week was "recovery week" - aka cardio (Core Cardio & Balance is the title, if you're curious) but not at quite intense of pace, and the same workout 6 days in a row.

There's a lot of punching & kicking, with more breaks in them than most of Shaun T's videos. It's a nice break from feeling like I'm going to die after every single workout.

I'm terrified of Monday's workout though - a full hour and a half of cardio. I'm going to die, I just know it. So if I don't blog anymore after this you'll know why!


This week I quickly worked through two books in order to try and optimize my diet for my hypothyroidism. I sadly had to put away my fiction reads (The Martian among others!) to get through them, but it was worth it.

Both of these worked really well together, which kinda surprised me -- and let's be honest, relieved me because I couldn't handle trying to pick one or the other. If you've got any thyroid problems (or even have an inkling that you do!) I really recommend both of them!!


If you've ever been on Pinterest, you've seen the advice to give a kid an unplugged controller to play with while you're playing video games, and I am here to attest that it works really really well. Kate had SO much fun "playing" with her dad & friend last night. (Like, jumping up and down excited about it.) It was super cute and kept her entertained between bath & bedtime.

Worth. It.

Today's Link-toberfest question is "Who is your favorite blogger that you discovered through Quick Takes?" which is really a harder question than it seems! I know I discovered Jen's blog originally from clicking back through Grace's (:() posts to figure out what the heck 7 quick takes even was, and I was hooked ever since then.

I'm pretty sure I discovered both Theresa and Amy from the quick takes who are now some of my favorite bloggers! But I really credit quick takes for exposing me to every Catholic mommy blogger that I follow to this day. :)

Happy weekend all and head to Kelly's for more and to find more awesome bloggers!