7QT #42: the really fast edition

I had no plans on writing a quick takes post this week because of a shortened work day and a super-long ebook project that is just DETERMINED TO DRIVE ME CRAZY (which is a long and very very boring story so I won't include it here) -- but then I saw Kelly announcing Link-toberfest and I couldn't resist!

For the themed question of the week: my first Quick Takes post was posted January 10 of 2014 -- wow that seems like a long time ago! I had just recently begun blogging again and was already an avid reader of the Quick Takes formula, so I decided to just nervously jump in like the introverted blogger that I am.

Also, I'm not sure what my theme was at that point but wow, the center-aligned paragraphs are driving me nuts. If I had the time or energy, my OCD would make me go change all of that...


Like I talked about in that post, and much to David's chagrin, I am still addicted to Target. Sorry (ahem, not sorry) honey. I was so excited to find this scarf in stores (the second outfit's scarf) because they don't sell it online, and I had immediately fallen in love when I saw it on Sydney's blog.

It's just the perfect mixture of fall & plaid & loveliness, and it just hit the fall spot in my heart, you know?

Thanks to my sister, I'm now also crushing for one of these beautifully crazy-patterned Patagonia popovers.

I know it's too early for Christmas present shopping (or Christmas anything, really), but if you're looking for a great gift for the women in your life that makes you feel crunchy and stylish and warm all at the same time, this is it. Also, half off! What more could you want?

Kate's been a crazy mess of all-over-the-spectrum emotions this week. As per usual, in toddler-land, I suppose, but still makes for an exhausted mama at some points.

She's gotten into this adorable habit of imitating me and putting on any headband she can find, just like I do. (I wear headbands constantly now because I stupidly got bangs again...remind me never to do that ever again, because I am way too lazy for the amount of work having bangs is.)

I'm almost done with week 3 of Insanity and I think I'm starting to feel things! Not emotionally, haha, but physically - I'm feeling stronger, with more endurance, although I still end up sweating buckets by the end of each workout. I don't feel too bad about the sweating though because even Shaun T. is dripping by the end of each workout - and even in low-def streaming you can pick out each and every ab muscle on his body, so that makes me feel better about myself.

It's funny to compare the motivating styles of Shaun T. and Tony Horton, who did P90x3. Tony was always very encouraging, cracking jokes, making small talk with the other demonstrators, showing off his muscles but in an encouraging way. Shaun T...., well, he kind of just yells at you and himself and everyone else. His vocab during the workouts consists of "GO FASTER PUSH HARDER STOP SUCKING" (basically). Like I told David, I feel like he really wants to be cussing people out but is refraining because he's being taped. It's hilarious - and kinda scary.

He's all:

this is about as positive as he gets

And I'm like:

Chris Pratt, I love you.
It's definitely a change. I didn't think I'd like his style the first time I did one of his workouts, but now I love it. It makes me feel like I can do anything! Which, after Insanity is pretty much true. :)

(Also, it's kind of a boring topic to talk about, my working out, but it's helping keep me motivated to keep going so you are just going to have to suffer through it. Sorry not sorry.)

Currently Kate's trying to get me to open a package of toothbrushes I bought the other day and that she somehow pilfered off the dining room table, and is very upset that I won't let her have one. Toddlers, man!

Well, I've run out of things to say so I'll cut this post short. Have a wonderful weekend - and of course, linking up with Kelly for Link-toberfest! Head there for more quick take bloggers!


  1. Ok, yes! I was going to post a Bumpdate but this offer for SQT is too good to resist. Maybe I'll have to put the Bumpdate post in my drafts folder and schedule it for early next week... :)

  2. Why do toddlers love toothbrushes so much??? I swear, I find them all over the bathroom multiple times a day!


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