Whole30...day 8

So in case you hadn't heard, I started a Whole30 on January 1. Nothing like the start of a new year to kick your butt into gear and make some lofty goals, right? So Day 1 of Whole30 it was for me.

Let me preface this by saying, I've tried a Whole30 before. It was a few months ago - maybe like, September? and I didn't finish. My milk supply tanked WAYYY down and it was a no-go. I wasn't very prepared that time either, so I spent the majority of the 3-4 days on it trying to come up with something to eat.

So, now to this go-round. Guys, I knew this would be rough. But man this is rough. I know I'm a big fat wimp and that eating good, healthy food for 30 days is like...minuscule on the grand scale of suffering there is in the world. But yikes am I struggling with it. #firstworldproblems

I'm on Day 8 right now. So far meals have been largely good - I've spent more time in the kitchen chopping and sauteeing foods and cooking eggs in every single form ever than I have in the previous year of our marriage combined. (I am so sick of eggs I could scream.) But the Whole30 is no wimpy program. It is a difficult thing to do for someone who really REALLY loves food. And caffeine. And doesn't really like vegetables, unless they're dipped in lots of ranch dressing.

The first couple days were fine. I even managed to eat Paleo while my mom's delicious lasagne stared me in the face. Granted, that was the first day, but still. The next few days were experiments and a few pretty expensive trips to the grocery store, which is never very fun. (I really don't know how people afford to eat like this all the time, to be quite frank. It was approximately twice as much money on my grocery bill than our usual trip - and that's with David not really participating but only occasionally eating what I'm eating.)

Days 3, 4,  and 5 were alright too. Now, don't get me wrong - I had major cravings. Like, I had multiple dreams about sweets already, and REALLY wanted a hamburger, fries, & a Coke.  They were horrible, no-good, very bad cravings. I also had two different severely fail batches of homemade Paleo mayonnaise. Like, they were really bad. Anyone else tried to make mayo and come up with some soupy terrible egg-like water? I don't know what I did wrong but...yikes.

Aaaaand then I got sick. Yesterday, to be precise, was the first day of my worst symptoms. Kate and David have been sick for awhile - we stayed home New Year's Eve because of a nasty ear infection on Kate's end and a debilitating cold on David's. And it looks like just now I'm catching the worst of those too. (I'd had a sore throat off and on since David got sick, but nothing like yesterday and today.)

So in an attempt to convince myself out of falling off the bandwagon, I thought I'd gripe about it to you all instead. Perhaps my little remaining self-esteem and respect will force me to continue on after admitting wholeheartedly that all I want to do is eat a loaf of bread with butter and drink a Diet Coke like there's no tomorrow.

Have any of you tried a Whole30? How did you do it? I've admitted to myself that I have a really weak will, and just in admitting that have been able to cope a little better than last time. But it's still hard, and challenging, and frankly doesn't seem quite worth it at this point. (Especially battling this cold, which makes every craving heightened by a million, or so it seems.)

To be fair, I should mention that I have cheated a little bit and weighed myself the other day. It might be a fluke of our notoriously-terrible bathroom scale, but it looks like I'm down (already!) about 5 lbs. So that is definitely a point in the Whole30 column, but I'm afraid it's either a mistake or about to be very short-lived because it was due to my cold.

Anywho. This has been a rather whiny post about very little, so I apologize for that. But I did need to write it out and publish it in hopes it will redeem my sorry little butt into sticking with it.
Ahh, but that's another riveting post for another day, I suppose. :)


  1. Post pics of your meals! I want to know more about what Whole30 meals usually look like. :) And maybe it'll make you feel like you're held accountable more if you're obligated to post pics for me. Hahaha! Sorry about the sickness, btw. Not a fun time to be sick.

  2. I couldn't do it. God bless you!

  3. I second Theresa's comment. I've seen a lot of buzz about this in the "blogging world," but I think I seriously pondered it for less than a minute.... no caffeine?! (When I'm up 3x with a baby at night? ha.)

  4. I think I would have to meal plan the entire 30 days before trying something like that... And I KNOW it wouldn't work while I'm pregnant or nursing, so maybe in like 15 years :P Good luck! I'm excited to hear how it goes :)

  5. Are you hanging in there? It is rough and expensive but I am glad I did it! I learned a lot about food and how to prep good foods, and still make my own mayo! (I do it with an immersion blender and haven't had a problem!) if you email me I can send you some links I have saved! An follow a bunch of whole30 people on Instagram and @whole30recipes for lots if ideas and inspiration


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