7QT #30: 8 months, Modcloth, & recipe asks

Well, the weather's back to cold and dreary, and I've already worked over 40 hours this week, so that means blog time, right? Let us see if I can come up with 7 things to write about...

Little Kate is officially 8 months old today. Some days it feels like she just popped out, and other days it feels like she's 5 years old. I'm planning on getting around to her 8 month photos this afternoon sometime, but you know me and my track record of being on time...not so fabulous. So in case I miss it, happy month-day to you little girlie!

So far my favorite things about 8 month olds: confused looks about puffs (I couldn't not try them, Theresa!), standing up by herself whilst holding onto things, and lots of babbling. I won't give away more because what else will I write my recap on, but it's a glorious baby age.

I finally finished the last couple seasons of Gilmore Girls, and don't get me wrong - I love the show, but the last couple seasons were just sort of a drag. I mean, I get that it's an important time in a young woman's life but, blah blah blah college graduation oh no everyone has jobs except me blah blah blah poor me Yale graduate.

That was meaner than I intended it to be.

Now that I'm finished, I'm dying to watch the last season of Parenthood, but our internet is the most stubborn thing in the world and takes forever to load so I'm waiting probably until it goes onto Netflix. so NO SPOILERS, please. (I'm already scrolling on Facebook with my eyes half closed in fear of them.)

If anyone else is a fan of the band The Decemberists, I just discovered that their new album is on Spotify! (It's called What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World and it's fantastic.)

I went to see them perform in Omaha back (way baaack) in college, and I consider it one of the only real concerts I've ever been to. (That tall gangly guy with legs that go on for miles, Justin Townes Earle, opened for them, and it was a dream.) I went with Caitlin and another good friend of ours, Katie, and it was a magical night of a thousand instruments and head-banging to folk music.

Now all I have to do is see Nickel Creek in concert (since they are no longer broken up, yay!) and my life will be musically-complete. For now, at least.

Last week when Modcloth was having a 40-50% off sale, I got myself this dress for a few weddings we have coming up.

LADYBUG PRINT. so nectar.

I was afraid it would be closed at the front but it's open all the way down to the waistline (yay nursing friendly!!) and beautiful. It's back up to regular price but they have tons of sales all the time at Modcloth, and if you're a new customer I'm pretty sure you get $10 off a $75 purchase. (And sign up for their emails, they send out deals all the time. It's tempting at times, but worth it for the deals you can snag.)

Where else have you found nursing-friendly dresses? I probably don't have a ton of time left where I'll need them, but I'm always looking out for my future-self. Also, more shopping news: Gap is having a final-sale off their winter clothes, 50% off their final sale items which are all about 50% off or more already! There are some adorable baby clothes in there, but mostly I love this shirt (I already have one and I'm drooling over #2, maybe the gray?) for literally $4.50 right now. Yep, you read that right. Just hop on over there quick, I'll be waiting. (BTW, none of this is sponsored, I just like a good deal when I see it and I want to share.)

We're making slow progress on the update from Wednesday. I've done more loads of laundry, and actually folded them, and the dishes are getting done today -- hopefully, anyway. I finally vacuumed the living room, and David cleared off the dining room table. And we went grocery shopping. Whew.

But I'm in a rut when it comes to recipes to make. Tell me, what are your winter stand-bys? I just get so lazy when it's cold, and I can't resort to "throw something on the grill" like I can during the summer. (Even though we did that twice last week because it was so beautiful out.) What are your go-to meals? I'm not a very ambitious cook so nothing too complicated if you can help it! :)

Like I said, the weather around here has decided that now it's going to be February, it better go back to being cold. There is a chance for snow both tonight and tomorrow, and it looks like we aren't getting back to this nice weather anytime soon. Which is boo when I think about not being able to run or take walks outside for another, what, probably 3 months. (I really don't know how you Canadians do it!)

And let's be honest, watching the Super Bowl this weekend in 60° weather would just be weird. To that effect, here's a hilarious SNL video about "DeflateGate." (Funny even if you don't like pro football, or even understand what all the hoopla is about...)

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  1. Easy and tasty recipes:



  2. I just made Gimmie Some Oven's enchilada soup and it was sooo good and easy! The left overs were even better than the first time. And Yammie's Noshery The Best Oven Fried Chicken Ever. Super easy and Drew loved it!


  3. I also just finished Gilmore Girls, but I liked the last few seasons better than the beginning! I was bummed Rory and Logan didn't end up together, but I do think it matches Rory's character more to have her not want to get married at age 22.... that's all :)

    (It's also fun to see that you read Baby on the Brehm -- that's my brother-in-law's sister! Small world :))


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