Not much new around here.

Some facts about us recently:

1. We haven't gone grocery shopping in approximately...2 and a half weeks.
2. I just did our first load of laundry since the 15th. Oops. (Mind you - put through washer and dryer, not folded or anything like that.)
3. The dinner plates from my FIL and SIL coming to dinner on Monday are still on the dining room table.
4. I haven't cooked a real meal for us (besides boxed & frozen goods) in about 6 days.
5. I can't remember the last time we broke out the vacuum, or a dust rag for that matter.
6. There are 5+ days worth of dishes monopolizing our kitchen counters.
7. The project to get our tub plugging again has now stretched to 4 nights, instead of what should have been a maybe 20 minute project.

We've hung out with my family. We've hung out with David's family. I've caught up on a lot of work projects (January and February deadlines are icky.) We actually went to a night-time event – a concert! – with Kate, and didn't explode from sleepiness or crankiness. We spent time with good friends, playing games, making delicious pizza and laughing about babies and home improvement projects. We went on a mini-road trip and survived. We celebrated a baptism of a beloved little girl. We took naps, went on runs and walks outside in the gloriously nice weather, worked out, and had fun. (Oh, and watched plenty of episodes of Shark Tank and Property Brothers. Priorities, after all.)

I've also made sure to have taken tons of cute pictures of Kate on my cell phone lately, so that's what you're getting today - a good dose of cute and a kick-in-the-pants to myself, to try and someday catch up to the mundane things that make living life a little easier. {After I finish blogging, of course.}

January, you're winning the battle right now, but someday I will win the war. Someday.

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