7 months

Guess who is 7 (and a half...) months old? Yep, a lot of other babies and also Kate! I am obviously a little behind on her updates, because she was pretty sick around the 30th. So I kept putting off her pictures, and putting them off, and putting them off. So yeah, I took them last night on the 12th. Whoops.

Anyway, how about some stats?

Weight: 16 lbs 15 oz, at the least - she was around there when we went into the doctor's on the 3rd.

Height: 30 in? Not quite sure.

Firsts this month: rocking back and forth on all fours, but not quite crawling yet, clapping, giving kisses, waving, using her pouty face to try and get her way.

Nicknames: nothing new

Other things to note:
- She's trying to decide (still!) if she wants to take 2 or 3 naps during the day. She'll get into a really good rhythm of 2 long (3-3.5 hour) naps during the week, and then the weekend is just TOO exciting with Dad home and so many things going on that it'll mess it all up. But I'm not complaining too much - it's super nice either way, really.
- She's a total camera ham. She knows exactly what we're doing when we pull out the camera or phone, and cheeses for the camera pretty well on command.
- Nighttime sleep has been off and on this month. Her ear infection really messed things up, because she was waking up with diarrhea/coughs/in pain every 3 hours or so, and now that she's better we're back to trying to get her to sleep through the night. So far no good, but we're being patient.
- I took like, zero photos of her first Christmas. first-time mom fail. I feel really bad because, hello this was a big milestone! But one of my resolutions is to break out my camera more often, so you all can look forward to more photo dumps coming very soon.

"reading" in her chair

We love you, darling girl. 


  1. shes so cute!!! and im amazed at that quilt.. (its been on my mind recently!) oh how i wished you lived next door!


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