7QT #12

Once again, a completely random conglomeration to celebrate Friday! Linking up with Jen!

1. We finally bought and got (what a rhyme) our stroller in the mail this week. Hooray!

I'll admit, I trolled through many a blog to read recommendations on strollers because, holy heck, why are there so many options? Jogger, jogger convert, travel system with jogger option, umbrella, umbrella hybrid, heavy duty...it's really unbelievable how many options there were.

I finally went with this Kiddy City 'n Move Stroller because of Grace's recommendation and a ton of other bloggers/reviewers seemed to love it. Although we haven't tried it out with our actual kid in it yet (since he/she is still firmly in utero), I already love it. The color is awesome, the features seem easy to navigate, and it looks like a winner.

2. Caitlin comes home on Sunday!!!!!! (so many exclamation points because I am just that excited!)
thanks for the photo, Kelly!
She's been away doing holy and important things as a FOCUS missionary in Pittsburgh which is just too darn far away. Also, she blogs but not often enough. So y'all should follow her and bug her to write more because her writing is awesome...and I bug her enough about it that it's sort of the boy-who-cried-wolf syndrome.

Also, Caitlin aren't you glad I picked an actual nice photo of us this time? I almost went with a few...choice...other options, but I figured I'd pull that out for a special occasion.

3. So I'm getting nervous/ready for labor, and impatient as you might remember, and so I bought this:

It was $11.99 at Walgreens and let's pray it was worth it, because I'm a little skeptical but willing to try pretty much anything at this point. Anyone heard of success stories using EPO (that's what the cool kids on BabyCenter forums call it) to induce/get ready for labor?

4. I've also been spending hours a day on my exercise ball, either at my desk during the day (which is supposed to be great for you no matter if you're preggo or not) or watching TV at night and looking something like this lady, but less color coordinated, of course.

And with less of the looking up at the sky, asking God to just get this going look on my face. (It's all internal, yo.)

I've heard it's supposed to help get the baby's head to engage in your pelvis as well as just loosen up your hips and pelvis for the birthing process. Like in take #3, I am ready to try pretty much anything at this point.

5. Probably you won't care about this if you aren't from Nebraska, but our stupid tourism committee changed the state's tourism slogan to "Nebraska Nice." Ugh. Excuse me while I go vomit in the corner real quick.

me + fraaands in front of a sign somewhere in the middle of nowhere, NE
I'm offended by this choice on so many levels. Our old motto was "The Good Life," which is still our state motto or something, but not our tourism one anymore I guess? I don't know. But as a former English major and a lover of the state of Nebraska, "nice" was about the worst choice they could have gone with. It's like they said "Well, we don't want to be too enthusiastic here. Nebraska's okay, I guess. Let's pick something with the same letter as Nebraska...how about nice? Yeah, the most boring word in the English language, awesome idea!!"

GRRRR. It makes my blood boil.
/end rant

6. I've been reading review after review of Stitch Fix, including Haley's this week, and as soon as this baby gets here and I'm able to try on clothes that are actually my normal size, I think I'm gonna bite the bullet and give it a try. Why not, right? I am a sucker for spending a lot of money on clothes that never last me very long (ahem, Target) and since I'm like an adult now, I should try to buy more quality pieces that last me longer.

Glad I made that decision. Now I have to convince David that it's worth it...stay tuned.

7. Pregnancy dreams have been all over the map this week. First I dreamt that I was late to a dance recital that I was the star pupil in (never took a dance class in my life, unless you count a week in high school for a musical), then I had a great one that somehow involved me befriending a family of live grizzly bears that could talk to me and gave me mothering advice.

bff's, right?
I think last night's about winning the lottery but losing the ticket most accurate describes my state of mind right now. Frazzled, scattered, and a little panicked. But extremely lucky.

Yep. Sounds about right.

Head over to Jen's for more weekly takes, and check out her new book Something Other Than God, which I decided I'm treating myself to as a "push present" (hahaha) when this baby gets here.



  1. ... Nebraska Nice. Ugh.

    Of course, we're not doing a lot better here in Iowa- Fields of Opportunity.

    I should really blow up my exercise ball and take it to work- maybe that would make sitting at a desk all day a little more... bouncy?

    1. At least Iowa's has some sort of substance!! haha. I'm hoping enough people will complain that we'll get it changed here soon. :)

      I love my exercise ball as a desk chair - it's super comfy and makes me feel not so chained to my desk, especially on long days, because you really do end up moving around most of the time it's hard to stay still on one of them even if you try!).

  2. Found your blog through 7QTs...totally random and I love how small the Catholic (blogger) world is...your friend/sister (didn't clarify the relation) Caitlin serves at CMU in Pgh with my brother in law, Joey. Small crazy Catholic world. Prayers for you and your baby as time draws near to meet him/her!

    1. Oh my gosh that is a small world! Caitlin isn't my sister but has been one of my best friends since high school and was my maid of honor. Thank you for the prayers, I really appreciate it!

    2. Colleen! That's crazy. I'm sure I saw you at Emeric's funeral but there are many Gruber men so Joey didn't introduce us to all of them. What a small world!

  3. Haha! I loved your commentary on the "Nebraska Nice" change. Maybe if you start a petition they'll have to change it back? ;)


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