7QT #11

Thank the Good Lord for Fridays, right? joining Jen for some quick takes!

1. I am officially full term today! 37 weeks cooked and definitely ready to meet this little one.

According to my pregnancy app, the baby is as big as a watermelon - 19 to 22 inches, and at least 6.5 pounds. According to my doctor yesterday, he or she is a pretty big baby but not enormously big so that's a good sign (especially since all my siblings and I were pretty big babies too).

My Group B strep test came back positive, so I'm going to need IV antibiotics when I go into labor. And because I'm a new mom and a little nervous about everything, this makes me more worried than I probably should be. So prayers would be appreciated (and if you're praying...just pray it comes sooner rather than later so the worrying timeline can be shortened!).

2. Ooo, I finally remembered to take a picture of our new garden!

I was a little nervous about bunnies eating them, but so far they seem to be holding up well. Nothing like planting things to make you feel like a full-blown adult.

3. Everyone and their mom is probably including this on their Quick Takes this week, but Jen's book came out this week! As soon as I get some extra $$$, I'm ordering it on Amazon and sitting down with a good cup of tea to read it all in one sitting. I can't wait.

4. So I've become obsessed with this new Justin Timberlake song. Because I don't listen to the radio I'm  probably wayyyyy behind on the times but if you haven't heard it yet, DO IT.

The baby does a great kicking routine whenever this song comes on which makes me smile. I'm making them into a JT fan already!

5. Another fun internet find this week -- this supremely addicting game, with a nerdy twist: it's Doctor Who themed!

Umm, yeah that might be my actual high score...don't judge me! I have to wait for projects to download a lot so I've been using my "down time" to play this.
Thanks to Caitlin's friend on Facebook who posted this to her wall and I creeped and clicked. Internet stalking your friends sometimes pays off big time.

6. The Gokies have another busy weekend planned. A work party this afternoon, two weddings on Saturday, and a graduation party on Sunday. Maybe all the activity will kick start labor? You know I'd be fine with that.

7. My brain isn't functioning anymore so I'm gonna end my QT here. Head to Jen's for more, and have a fabulous weekend everyone!



  1. Ahhh yay for 37 weeks! Maybe our babies will share a birthday? :) Pretty crazy to be carrying a watermelon around (sometimes it definitely feels like it too). I'll say some prayers for you, pregnancy has created so many anxieties for me too. If it makes you feel any better, I've helped take care of tons of pregnant ladies positive for Group B strep and it's so common that I was surprised when mine came back negative (but I feel like as many reassurances that we get during pregnancy, we still feel anxious - at least I do - so I will definitely be praying).

  2. I can't imagine a watermelon sized baby! My husband keeps telling me his side of the family is known for having large babies...I'm a little nervous about that.

    Saying prayers for you and the little one for a safe and happy delivery!

  3. Can't wait to hear he/she has arrived!! I grow big babies too :) But I "lucked" out with c-sections. Prayers to you guys!!!


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