7QT #13

Friday again already? Thank the Lord! Linking up with Jen and her awesome blogness.

Also, I've discovered a new obsession with GIFs...think I can include one in every take? Self-Challenge accepted!

1. Yes, unfortunately, last night at midnight marked the fact that I made it to 39 weeks...yay?

I shouldn't complain but I am just really wishing this baby was out here by now. To that end I've been doing anything and everything I can to start labor. Here is a rundown of things I've tried:
  • Walking - about 2 hours every day
  • Bouncing on exercise ball
  • Scrubbing our floor on hands and knees
  • Red raspberry leaf tea
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Spicy Chinese food
  • "Intimacy"
  • Not drinking water/fluids
I had a super fun time polling my Facebook friends to see their recommendations for starting labor. Greasy foods, pineapple, and walking were the most popular answers and people had some funny stories about labor starting that I loved reading.

At the very least it was a good distraction for a couple hours' worth of Facebook entertainment.

2. Somehow I never noticed that Spotify (my main source of entertainment during the work day, minus an episode of Grey's Anatomy at lunch time) has built-in playlists that you can just click on and they play songs for you.

me at every party ever
Talk about a revelation! I don't have to go searching for my next favorite song? It'll just play for me? Winning situation right there. And saves me from listening to the same 4 playlists I've been listening to for the last 5 months. My ears are happy.

3. I've almost run out of things to "nest" with. In the past week, I've kept on top of the laundry (a huge deal for me, because usually when I sit down to actually do laundry there are 4+ loads to wash, dry, then fold), vacuumed twice, dusted, washed the dishes (David's chore which I hate doing), swept our front porch at least twice, scrubbed the bathroom floor, caught up on baby thank-yous, folded and re-folded baby clothes, cleaned and organized every surface in sight, even my desk...

Needless to say I'm both exhausted and frustrated that I've run out of things to do. David claims I should next tackle some bigger projects, like our whole attic, but I can't motivate myself quite that far. Anyone need a very selective but motivated house cleaner this week? I'm obviously available!

4. Caitlin asked me to be her matron of honor this week!

She's Leslie, I'm Ann
I'm Turk, she's JD
I am BEYOND excited even though matron is probably the least flattering word in the entire English language (seriously, who came up with that?).

I've already started trolling Pinterest for ideas and planning a shower and doing a lot of internal screaming about how excited I am for her and her fiancé! WEDDINGS! Love them!

5. David started following an Instagram account called "Daily Puppy," which is as adorable (or more) than it sounds, so to brighten your Friday I'm going to include a random GIF of a super cute puppy.

You're welcome.

6. No one warned me for how enormous I would feel this late in my pregnancy. I have to put forth superhuman effort to get myself out of bed, or off the couch, which makes me even lazier than normal. Sometimes I feel like this would be a more efficient way to get around:

You might think that's a joke, but I seriously am considering it. Or something modified, at least, because the belly's too big to drag like that. Backwards, perhaps?

Also on all my walks I feel like I'm traipsing around like a much bigger, more lumbering version of this:

Also considerably less adorable.

7. Once again, apologies that this blog has become all baby-baby-baby but Dwija had a great post & commenter's response this week about the inevitability of that when you read Catholic mom blogs. You probably shouldn't expect much else, right?

(If you love Emma Stone as much as I do, watch her Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon here. You won't be disappointed.)

Crossing my fingers that I'll be too busy with a new baby by next week to participate in 7QT - but you never know! I might be the rare bird that is pregnant FOR-EV-ER.

Head over to Conversion Diary for more takes, less GIFs.


  1. Other options:


    or, I call everyone else Milk-maids instead of bridesmaid to make their titles less cute.

    Also I also put lip sync battle in my QTs. I mean, come on now.

  2. 2 miles a day?! Gosh this baby better come out soon! That is a LOT of moving around for a 39 week pregnant woman!

    Congratulations on your new role as matron of honor! I agree, I hate that word but the word itself doesn't really matter at the end of the day. How exciting!!!


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